Karina Villasenor

Karina Villasenor

Karina Villaseñor joined the team in 2016 as a Program Specialist. Karina's role has expanded over to social media and branding as the Brand and Marketing Manager.

Meet Your 100 Mile Club Programs Team!

Welcome BACK! The 100 Mile Club Programs Team never stops learning and finding ways to help our schools, teachers, districts and community members create 100 Mile Clubs that are effective, sustainable and most of all…FUN! Our incredible team members can help you at any time. From a casual question to coordinating a district training to video or one-on-one consultation, these experts are here to help you every step of the way.  Please meet your 2022-23 100 Mile Club Programs Team.  B.J. Walker, National Program Director.  [email protected] | 951-340-2290       Michelle Toulmin, National Program Specialist.  [email protected] | 949-232-4509       Paula Bences, Operations Manager & Program Specialist.  [email protected] | 951-340-2290          Important August items: MILEstone incentive package costs have increased this year, for the first time in our history. Our most popular package, Elite, is now $15, Ultra-elite is $20, the Pacesetter is $5, and we continue to have our FREE Start Line option. An email was sent to all current coaches on June 8th. Details are found on our website or contact us directly. To help schools during this adjustment time, we can offer bulk order discounts and ‘Legacy’ pricing, with up to 20% savings! Don’t hesitate to call or email us at (951)340-2290 or [email protected]. We are anxious to help make it work for you and your school! NEW FUNDING SOURCES! We are thrilled to see multiple school districts implementing 100 Mile Club district-wide this year through new funding sources available, including ELO-P for extended learning programs. Contact us for more information or reach out to your district to see if funding support is available. 2022-2023 Enrollment Forms are now available and found as downloadables in our webstore. NEW this year, you can now edit the price to the amount you are charging for the package […]

Get Your Kids to the Starting Line!

INCH and MILES: The Journey to Success Coach John Wooden’s book, “INCH and MILES: The Journey to Success.” will enhance your program by teaching essential life skills necessary to succeed in life. Did you know the 100 Mile Club is also a life skills program? The life skills for the 100 Mile Club are based on The Pyramid of Success, created by basketball Coach John Wooden. Our evidence-based program challenges kids to run, jog, walk or roll 100 miles during a school year. The life skills outlined in The Pyramid of Success provide participants (children and adults) with the attributes necessary to succeed in life.    We suggest teachers or parents use one different life skill each day discussing it before the kids go out to run. This will strengthen your program by implementing social and emotional learning benefiting the mind and body. Together each month, we will focus on a single skill chosen from Coach Wooden’s Pyramid. These life skills will teach true personal success and fitness, guiding participants to new levels of achievement. We believe that every single individual deserves to be healthy, happy, and connected. Where to buy the book: We want to recommend buying Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success or Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success at Amazon and supporting 100 Mile Club at no additional cost to you with Amazon Smile!  How to add 100 Mile Club as your Amazon Smile non-profit: Go to smile.amazon.com, select your non-profit (hopefully us!), and shop! A portion of your order will support 100 Mile Club at no additional cost to you. Bookmark smile.amazon.com for continued support year-round!   

Fun Run Ideas and Themes for August

Why host a school fun run? Fun runs are a fantastic way to enhance physical health and mental health benefiting all participants. The majority of miles earned for the 100 mile goal will be completed at school during school hours. Adding a great monthly themed FUN RUN to your 100 Mile Club program will keep your kids and families motivated all year long.   Have a great fun run theme in AUGUST! Kick off the school year with a FUN RUN to celebrate our 30 Years Strong! Born in the 90’s run. You can kick off 30 years strong by celebrating the birth of the 100 Mile Club by dressing up in a 90’s theme. 90’s movie theme run. The #1 movie in 1992 was Aladdin. “Let’s make some magic!” just like Genie. Dress up as your favorite Aladdin character.    GLOW ’90s style. Get glow sticks for a nighttime run if the day is too hot.  Big Giant Kickoff Bonanza! Invite a bunch of schools for a fun afternoon or evening to kick off your year and your 100 miles TOGETHER. Our theme runs will celebrate the happiness of running and walking, and promote health benefits to the community. Kids will get more excited about earning miles and create a fun and electric atmosphere around your school. The goal is to encourage participants to have FUN and enjoy their 100 mile journey.              

Sock It to Harvey with 100 Mile Club

“No one can do everything but everyone can do something.”  -Max Lucado Thank you to everyone who donated!  We collected thousands of socks over the past two weeks and they will be arriving at our affected schools soon. As the 100 Mile Club® Program Specialist for the great state of Texas, I was on hurricane watch all weekend. I had no idea how many 100 Mile Club schools would be affected by Hurricane Harvey until I began checking in on my coaches. The texts, emails, and calls began to come in. The stories of widespread devastation and loss broke my heart and left me feeling helpless. How could I help. How could WE help?? One of our coaches responded via email that at her school, many of her students had lost absolutely everything in the hurricane. Even something as small as socks, she said, would make a world of difference. At that moment, my feelings of hopelessness lifted and I knew what we had to do. Sometimes, the littlest things we never really think about are the most needed after a disaster like this. Socks. We are one big 100 Mile Club Family. We teach our kids to work together and become a team on their journey to 100 miles. Now, let’s be there for each other and team up to help our Texas 100 Mile Club® schools. **It’s time to SOCK it to Harvey & get our kids back on their feet again!** All you have to do is bring a new pair of socks to The 100 Mile Club. Heck…bring a whole PACKAGE of socks to 100 Mile Club! Dropoff Location: 100 Mile Club HQ, 2191 Fifth Street, Suite 211, Norco, CA  92860 (map) We will take care of the rest and get them where they need to […]