Did you know all 100 Mile Club schools are universally connected? We create healthy, happy, connected students with our unique milestone incentives. Each incentive package level connects schools and students near and far, whether through our signature t-shirts, celebration certificates, coveted gold medals, or all the above!

90s summer fun with NEW 100 Mile Club Frisbee (ONLY Included in Ultra-Elite).
NEW 100 Mile Club Glow in the Dark Wristband (Not Included in Pacesetter and Start Line).

Have you seen our BRAND NEW milestone incentives?

  • Dog Tag Keychain. Kids proudly wear their 100 Mile Club Dog Tag Keychain to remember their goal and to talk with others about how many miles they’ve already run.
  • Folding Frisbee. Running is fun but running to chase (and catch) a frisbee in an open field is even more fun. 100 Mile Club makes that happen with this fun frisbee. 
  • 75 Mile Wristband. Everyone loves a wristband…especially if it glows in the dark!
NEW 100 Mile Club Dog Tag Keychain (Not Included in Start Line).
NEW Annual 100 Mile Club Sticker – FIND YOUR HAPPY PACE sticker (Not Included in Start Line).










Our Programs Team never stops running! Our incredible team members can help you at any time. From a casual question to coordinating a district training to video or one-on-one consultation, these experts are here to help you every step of the way.  

Michelle Toulmin, Paula Bences, and BJ Walker are wearing new 2022-23 t-shirts.

Important September items:

  • MILEstone incentive package costs have increased this year, for the first time in our history. Our most popular package, Elite, is now $15, Ultra-elite is $20, the Pacesetter is $5, and we continue to have our FREE Start Line option. An email was sent to all current coaches on June 8th. Details are found on our website or contact us directly. To help schools during this adjustment time, we can offer bulk order discounts and ‘Legacy’ pricing, with up to 20% savings! Don’t hesitate to call or email us at (951)340-2290 or [email protected]. We are anxious to help make it work for you and your school!
  • NEW FUNDING SOURCES! We are thrilled to see multiple school districts implementing 100 Mile Club district-wide this year through new funding sources available, including ELO-P for extended learning programs. Contact us for more information or reach out to your district to see if funding support is available.
  • Our NEW 2022-23 Program Downloads are available in our COACHES ONLY section (Web Store login required). 
  • If you would like to return and donate shirts, we can send a postage-paid label (along with a huge THANK YOU!) for you to return items. We donate these returned shirts to an annual children’s run in the heart of Mexico at Caballo Blanco. Find out more HERE.

TOP 4 FAQ for the NEW school year:

  • How do we track miles? For every school in our program, mile tracking is a little bit different. There are methods that range from very low-tech to the highest of high-tech. It is important to pick the method that works best for you. Ideas and examples are found on our website, in Coaches Resources, in our Tool Kit, and in our Program Guide.
  • I’m moving to a new school within my district or moving to a new school in a different district. How do I keep running 100 Mile Club? It’s so exciting when teachers and coaches who’ve moved schools continue 100 Mile Club at their new site! We are here to help you transition. Please contact us by phone at (951)340- 2290 or email at [email protected] and a Program Specialist will contact you. If you have a new coach ready to take over running your program, please use this form to update your information.
  • How to order incentive packages for school? You can order incentives online through our new web store! Log in with the same ‘Head Coach’ email address you used to register your school, and you will see a special ‘Coaches Only’ section of the store. Click there and all your incentives and program materials will be available to purchase.
  • How do I get my ‘legacy’ school code? Contact us directly at (951)340-2290 or [email protected].
Our Programs Team meeting to create 100 Mile Clubs more effective, sustainable, and most of all…FUN!

Stay Connected with the 100 Mile Club on Facebook! Join us on Facebook, hear from others, share your thoughts and ask questions. This is done in several ways: (1) 100 Mile Club Facebook Page – hosted by the 100 MC national office and open to all; (2) 100 Mile Club Coaches & Staff – a private FB group hosted by the 100 Mile Club national office, just for our coaches at registered schools; and (3) special groups (Club262, Run4Kids, etc.).

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Karina Villasenor

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