About Us

Mission Statement

Engaging and empowering students and families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity nationwide; preventing childhood inactivity and obesity, one child, one school, and one community at a time.

Our Vision

Healthy, Happy, Connected Kids®

Who We Are

Carefully developed over 28 years, 100 Mile Club has been the elite school-based program leading the effort in prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation, in public, private, and homeschool settings. 

The 100 Mile Club presents students with a straightforward challenge: run, jog, or walk 100 Miles over the course of the school year.

With nearly 2,500 schools already on their way to 100 miles and another 2,600+ schools engaged and connected, 100 Mile Club is helping to create healthy, happy, connected kids
at over 5,100 schools across the country.


of obese children already have at least one risk factor for heart disease.


of girls are dissatisfied with their weight by age 8.

The Need

The inactivity and obesity epidemic now affects more than 30 percent of children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood.

The age of 6 is when sociocultural factors start influencing body dissatisfaction, leading to pervasive negative body esteem.

Experts believe schools are a key setting for efforts to increase daily physical activity and prevent childhood obesity.

Our Solution

Taking a unique approach to prevent, reduce, and reverse childhood obesity and inactivity amongst school-age children, we make fitness opportunities available in schools and empower kids to set big goals, achieve them through daily physical activity, and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle they can maintain for life.

Our unique incentive packages celebrate and unify all students. Every year, our MILEstone tracking t-shirt color changes across the country. No matter where students are, their 100 Mile Club shirt, sticker, gold medal, and more will match those of every participant that year, creating team spirit nationwide!


What We Do for Students

100 Mile Club® is highly adaptable to the resources and needs of participating schools, and may be implemented in many different contexts throughout the school day.  Students may accumulate miles during PE, during school hours, at lunch and recess, and before or after school hours.

Making the program unique are life lessons in goal-setting, determination, and team spirit delivered alongside meaningful daily physical activity, impacting student social emotional learning. Rather than compete against each other, students at participating schools are members of the 100 Mile Club Team, where every student has the opportunity to be successful. Whether they run, jog, or walk towards their personal goal, 100 Mile Club inspires students of all abilities to be active in an accepting, positive, and inclusive environment.

Because students all grades and ages can participate, 100 Mile Club creates a powerful bond among students participating within the same school, and also creates a link to 100 Milers at neighboring schools within communities and across the nation.

Despite the wide variety of circumstances faced by schools during this unusual year, 100 Mile Club has created solutions to ensure that all students have opportunities to stay healthy and active all year long. To learn more about our options for the 2021-22 school year, click here.

What We Do for Schools

The 100 Mile Club school-based solution addresses the epidemic of childhood inactivity and obesity without increasing teacher overall workload. Over time our program reduces the stresses associated with unfocused students, increasing attendance and improving school readiness to learn. Our program also provides life skills that are easily transferred into the classroom and school. Increased attendance is one indication of our programs positive affect on the entire culture of a school.

100 Mile Club can be used as a significant component to help your school achieve a highly-effective physical education program. Comprehensive information and standards-based games and activities are available to all registered 100 Mile Club schools.

When multiple schools in a region participate, barriers are removed and community connections are created.

What We Do for Communities

CommUNITY lies at the center of our success and helps create healthy, happy, connected schools and families.

In addition to working with schools, our efforts include programs for:

With schools always at the heart of a neighborhood, these programs connect, build, and sustain healthy community relationships.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Equity, diversity, and inclusion is an active process that requires continuous commitment to promote healthy people, healthy communities and the overall success of present and future generations.

Our policies are guided by our mission, vision, and deep-rooted in our values. Through sustainable and tangible DEI practices, 100 Mile Club celebrates equity, diversity, and inclusiveness. We embrace these pillars of excellence as essential to healthy people and healthy communities.

Read our full statement here.