Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

We are a physical activity and life skills program for kids in school with the goal to run or walk 100 miles during a school year.

Our mission? Engaging and empowering kids and families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity nationwide; preventing childhood inactivity and obesity, one child, one school, and one community at a time.It is our vision to get students, families, and communities active and moving.

Our vision? Healthy, happy, connected kids worldwide!

Everyone is welcome to join the 100 Mile Club. We have programs for schools, adults, and corporations each tailored to fit your needs.

We have program options to fit any budget!

We want to get you and your community active and moving immediately. Program options can be implemented anytime during the year.

First, get everyone moving. Register and start tracking miles to success.

Next, visit our Program section on our website and find the best package option for you and your school or business. We offer packages that work for every school at any budget. Our 100 Mile Club team is ready to help you start your program and succeed!

Also, at any point you can transition between any of our packages. You can send us an email, give us a call, or simply start placing incentive package orders for whichever option(s) you choose. Being a part of the 100 Mile Club program gives you full access to our Coaches Corner, filled with everything you need to run your 100 Mile Club Program including our comprehensive Program Guide, Forms, Incentive Ordering and even other fun ideas to help you keep your students motivated and moving.

At 100 Mile Club, we offer 4 packages, 1 program. No matter which package option you choose, you are part of the one national effort to reduce childhood inactivity and obesity!

For more in depth details on these options, go to the program overview.

What makes the 100 Mile Club unique and easy to use is it's ability to provide you with the tools to need to run your program. Whether you already have a program and are looking for structure and incentives, or you are looking for something new, you can adapt the program to fit your needs. Remember, the 100 Mile Club team is ready to help you.

The 100 Mile Club structure, incentives and ideas are designed to help your program excel.

It may be acceptable to implement the 100 Mile Club alongside components of an existing professional program, as long as you are careful not to misrepresent the 100 Mile Club ideas, concepts and trademarks/copyrights.  Please contact the office directly for further questions about implementing programs together.


Absolutely! We highly encourage parents and teachers to join 100 Mile Club and run or walk with your participants. Many of our most successful programs have achieved such a level of energy because of the support, participation, and collaboration of the parents/teachers with the program.

We gladly welcome charters/home schools to the 100 Mile Club Family! All you have to do is decide which package option best fits your needs and register your charter/home school.

If your child is enrolled in a school that already has a program , they must register through their school.

The 100 Mile Club fosters team spirit and camaraderie between students, creating active, connected, fun and fully inclusive physical activity opportunities for all.

If your child is at a school that doesn't have the 100 Mile Club please contact our national office at (951)340-2290 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help you share the program with your child's teacher or school administrator.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have questions.

If you have any changes of coaches, address or contact information please use this form to update your information.


You can order your incentives online through our new web store! Log in with the same 'Head Coach' email address you used to register your school, and you will see a special 'Coaches Only' section of the store. Click there and all your incentives and program materials will be available to purchase.

As a Head Coach, you can order any supplies and incentives you need in our new web store.

Our Incentive Packages offer options for every school at any budget. Lean more about our different package options here.

Challenge Accepted Cards and End of Year Certificates may be purchased separately from Incentive Packages. They are also downloadable (so you can print them for free!) in Coaches Corner.

Browse the other sections of our web store for other items to reward your students, including stickers, drawstring bags, headbands, sun glasses, and more!

We encourage you to plan to place your order in time to immediately reward your students with their 25 Mile Signature Milestone Tracking T-shirt when their goal is reached. You may place orders throughout the year and as you need. Shipping and Handling charges apply. Many schools open registration to their students monthly placing orders as needed.

Ordering is available year-round. There are no cutoff dates, but 100 Mile Club color cycles begin July 1 and end June 30 of each year, after which the color for that year is no longer available.

NOTES: While ordering is open and available year round, there are popular times when our schools will place the majority of their orders. We recommend that you place your first order for incentives when you have a group of students who are near their 25 miles. It helps for schools to set ordering dates for themselves throughout the year (monthly, bi-monthly). Setting dates and making collective orders can reduce shipping and handling charges compared to ordering individual Packages throughout the year.

End-of-year supplies, including our gold medals and extra year-end certificates will be available for purchase starting in the spring of each year.

For information about when to place your order and useful tips for your end-of-year ceremony, click here.


Shipping fees are based on the actual weight of your individual order. If you are using a Purchase Order and need to include these fees, contact our shipping department for an estimate.

NOTE: A good estimate for the shipping and handling charges is 10% of the total cost of your order. This estimate will generally give you good wiggle room. For precise estimates on any order, including orders being shipped internationally, as well as to Alaska or Hawaii, contact our shipping department after you have placed your order.

You can find the actual shipping and handling charges on your completed invoice which will be sent to you either via email or in the order once it is shipped.

It takes approximately 5-10 business days for you to receive an order after it has been placed based on your location. This includes packing and shipping. The 100 Mile Club is located in Southern California, so local schools have the option to pick up their orders.


Payment by card can be made at the time of placing your order, but is also accepted after the invoice is sent for card or other payment methods. Payment is due upon receiving the invoice.

Payment is due upon receipt. All methods of payment are accepted. Check is the most common type of payment, and cash is accepted (only in person). Credit card payments are also accepted at the time of purchase, directly from your emailed invoice, or in person. Check with your school secretary for the most appropriate method of payment for your school.

Purchase orders are sometimes a requirement for your school district. They are not required by the 100 Mile Club. The best way to find out if your school requires a Purchase Order is to ask the office secretary of your school.

For the 100 Mile Club, we understand a Purchase Order as a promise to pay by whatever entity that issued it.

If a school indicates a Purchase Order is required we are not able to release any order unless we receive a copy of the purchase order or a purchase order number.


This is a little bit more complicated to answer and involves a yes and a no. Yes, outside miles can be earned at events that are sanctioned by the 100 Mile Club and other events that your school accepts and are offered and available to everyone. Examples could be a community meetup, after school fun run, or weekly walk at a community park.

Miles earned at sports practices, sporting events (soccer games, football games, etc.), or weekend hikes with the family cannot be counted toward 100 Mile Club. Please refer to this article for more information.

As always, the school and 100 Mile Club head coach always have last say on whether to accept the miles for their program.

The miles earned at local 5K, 10K, half -marathons and marathons can be counted for the 100 Mile Club if the school/head coach accepts these outside event miles for their program and events are open to everyone. Event coordinators can also get the event approved by the 100 Mile Club and put on the 100 Mile Club calendar.

Most events listed on our calendar are independent, public local meet-ups open to ALL 100 Mile Club® participants and their families. You may list your community meet-up on our calendar. It is ultimately the decision of each individual coach/school to honor miles from this calendar at their site.

Please visit this link to view our calendar or submit your event for review.

Please Note:  If approved, it will take 5 days for your event to be approved and appear on our calendar. Please click here to view our Calendar Policy and Disclaimer.