Fun Run Ideas and Themes for August

Why host a school fun run? Fun runs are a fantastic way to enhance physical health and mental health benefiting all participants. The majority of miles earned for the 100 mile goal will be completed at school during school hours. Adding a great monthly themed FUN RUN to your 100 Mile Club program will keep your kids and families motivated all year long.  

Click image for 90’s songs to RUN to. We make running fun with a Spotify playlist to celebrate MILEstones and keep moving all year long!

Have a great fun run theme in AUGUST! Kick off the school year with a FUN RUN to celebrate our 30 Years Strong!

  • Born in the 90’s run. You can kick off 30 years strong by celebrating the birth of the 100 Mile Club by dressing up in a 90’s theme.
  • 90’s movie theme run. The #1 movie in 1992 was Aladdin. “Let’s make some magic!” just like Genie. Dress up as your favorite Aladdin character.   
  • GLOW ’90s style. Get glow sticks for a nighttime run if the day is too hot. 
  • Big Giant Kickoff Bonanza! Invite a bunch of schools for a fun afternoon or evening to kick off your year and your 100 miles TOGETHER.

Our theme runs will celebrate the happiness of running and walking, and promote health benefits to the community. Kids will get more excited about earning miles and create a fun and electric atmosphere around your school. The goal is to encourage participants to have FUN and enjoy their 100 mile journey.








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Karina Villasenor

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