Steps for Fitness Success!

FITNESS: Act, eat, and think right. – Coach John Wooden 

100 Mile Club participants are encouraged to move their bodies every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn essential life skills necessary to succeed in life. Our program can help improve students’ social-emotional well-being and enhance their academic performance with our evidence-based program. We keep fitness simple by challenging kids to walk or run 100 miles during a school year positively impacting their bodies and mind.   

3 Easy Tips for Students to Learn Healthy Habits! 

  • Exercise Daily. Add a daily routine of walking or running for 30 minutes a day or set a goal to walk or run 3 miles per week. 
  • Eat the Right Foods. Fruits and vegetables are the best things to eat when getting into your fitness routine. Eating the right food will give you more energy to earn your miles.  
  • Get Sleep. Getting enough sleep to recharge your body will help you think right. This is key to helping you set goals and keep a positive mindset.  


Daily exercise, eating right, and staying positive each is an essential step to help you and your students crush goals towards GOLD! Together, we are creating healthy, happy, and connected kids and families.

Where to buy the book: 

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How to add 100 Mile Club as your Amazon Smile non-profit: 

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Karina Villasenor

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