Meet Your 100 Mile Club Programs Team!

Michelle Toulmin (left) and B.J. Walker (right) attended the 2019 LA County Fair in Pomona, California.

Welcome BACK! The 100 Mile Club Programs Team never stops learning and finding ways to help our schools, teachers, districts and community members create 100 Mile Clubs that are effective, sustainable and most of all…FUN! Our incredible team members can help you at any time.

From a casual question to coordinating a district training to video or one-on-one consultation, these experts are here to help you every step of the way. 

Please meet your 2022-23 100 Mile Club Programs Team. 

B.J. Walker, National Program Director.

 [email protected] | 951-340-2290




Michelle Toulmin, National Program Specialist.

 [email protected] | 949-232-4509




Paula Bences, Operations Manager & Program Specialist.

 [email protected] | 951-340-2290 





Important August items:

  • MILEstone incentive package costs have increased this year, for the first time in our history. Our most popular package, Elite, is now $15, Ultra-elite is $20, the Pacesetter is $5, and we continue to have our FREE Start Line option. An email was sent to all current coaches on June 8th. Details are found on our website or contact us directly. To help schools during this adjustment time, we can offer bulk order discounts and ‘Legacy’ pricing, with up to 20% savings! Don’t hesitate to call or email us at (951)340-2290 or [email protected]. We are anxious to help make it work for you and your school!
  • NEW FUNDING SOURCES! We are thrilled to see multiple school districts implementing 100 Mile Club district-wide this year through new funding sources available, including ELO-P for extended learning programs. Contact us for more information or reach out to your district to see if funding support is available.
  • 2022-2023 Enrollment Forms are now available and found as downloadables in our webstore. NEW this year, you can now edit the price to the amount you are charging for the package chosen. Forms are available in English and Spanish for Elite Packages, Ultra-Elite Packages, and a Combination (offering a choice between the two).
  • The new Kick-Off Assembly template is also now available in our webstore or from your program specialist. This step-by-step guide gives ideas and a layout for organizing a fun way to kick-off your 100 Mile Club program for the year. Included in the outline is our Color Reveal 2023 Video, highlighting the NEW color for this school year, along with some other fun peaks at what’s ahead. Be sure and take a look!
  • Incentive Package Orders are now open, with shipping of items to begin August 15th. We can’t wait to see students earning their shirts and more! Plus, be sure and notice some fun NEW items included this year, including new stickers, a dog tag keychain and more . . .

TOP 3 FAQ for the NEW school year:

  • What are some ideas to ‘Kick-off’ the program at the beginning of the year? Plan a fun and exciting way to introduce 100 Mile Club and kick off the year. To help organize this at your school or site, we’ve created a Kick-off Assembly template (downloadable from the webstore) that gives ideas and suggestions on developing an assembly. This can be adapted for a full school, with a smaller group/club or for individual classrooms. Make it fun and get moving!
  • How do we track miles? For every school in our program, mile tracking is a little bit different. There are methods that range from very low-tech to the highest of high-tech. It is important to pick the method that works best for you.
  • How to order incentive packages for school? You can order your incentives online through our new web store! Log in with the same ‘Head Coach’ email address you used to register your school, and you will see a special ‘Coaches Only’ section of the store. Click there and all your incentives and program materials will be available to purchase.
  • Fundraising for my program?
Paula Bences (left) and Michelle Toulmin (right) attending PE National Conference 2016 in St. Charles, IL.

Stay Connected with the 100 Mile Club on Facebook! Join us on Facebook, hear from others, share your thoughts and ask questions. This is done in several ways: (1) 100 Mile Club Facebook Page – hosted by the 100 MC national office and open to all; (2) 100 Mile Club Coaches & Staff – a private FB group hosted by the 100 Mile Club national office, just for our coaches at registered schools; and (3) special groups (Club262, Run4Kids, etc.).

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Karina Villasenor

Karina Villaseñor joined the team in 2016 as a Program Specialist. Karina's role has expanded over to social media and branding as the Brand and Marketing Manager.