A rUNIFIED Interview with our Founder, Kara Lubin

 Get to know a little more about our Founder, Kara Lubin, in an interview with Matt Sorensen of Runified.



Kara is a fourth-generation public school teacher from California, a mother to two children, and also maintains a small farm with horses, dogs, and a tortoise named Rachel. We talk with Kara about how Rachel the tortoise is her spirit animal and how she struggled with an unhealthy relationship with running, exercise, and food while growing up. She strives to keep a well balanced and positive outlook on exercise and food as she strives to set an example for her children and others. Kara loves the Born to Run ultramarathons and prides herself in running slow and steady.

Kara shares how she started the 100 Mile Club in 1992 and how her instinct led to developing a program that now reaches over 1.2 million children a year. With the 100 Mile Club, Kara is passionate about using running or other activities to inspire kids, as well as adults, to set a goal, work toward it a little each day, and help others along the way.

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We believe:

  • Anyone who runs is a runner, no matter the pace or distance.
  • Runners are more than just runners. They are friends, family, moms, dads, sons, daughters, and more.
  • Running is about more than just running; it’s about the relationships, challenges, goals, and experiences we share.

The Runified Podcast is all about telling the stories that make runners who they are, beyond the training and racing. We trust that these stories will inspire, educate, and motivate runners of all abilities and help them achieve their goals. Additionally, we will share the stories about the genesis of new products or services that cater to runners. Our hope is that these stories will change the way you think about running, and encourage you to live your own story with endurance, strength, and joy.

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