Fighting Inactivity and Obesity Since 1993

Inactivity and obesity are serious problems that are affecting kids at an alarming rate.
The good news is, we are doing something about it.

Imagine being a kid again, but this time, you’re constantly reminded of your weight – by your friends, by the media, by the world. It’s tough. This can lead to negative self-perceptions and feelings of worthlessness that can stick around well into adulthood. – Children’s Medical Center

Why 100 Mile Club?

Many children who currently suffer from obesity will continue to suffer with these consequences far into their adult lives. Our evidence-based program focuses on school and parent involvement in children’s physical activity and is the best current practice to combat childhood obesity.

Reaching epidemic levels in the United States, where 1 in 5 children and adolescents are affected. 100 Mile Club is getting kids off electronics and outside moving. We are making great strides, yet we have a lot of work still to do.

Childhood obesity does not disappear after childhood: 80% of obese children will be obese in their adult lives, and 70% will be obese over the age of 30.

100 Mile Club is working hard to reverse these statistics and YOU can help us!


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100 Mile Club
100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club is the elite school-based program leading the effort in the prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation.