100 Mile Club Thanks Annie Bradberry for Nearly 13 Years of Leadership

On behalf of the 100 Mile Club team, board of directors, and our community, we express our deepest gratitude for Annie Bradberry’s years of dedicated service as our Executive Director. Her passion, leadership, and vision have been instrumental in shaping our organization into the thriving force for health and wellness it is today.


Her Legacy: Miles of Inspiration

As she steps down from this role, we take a moment to reflect on the incredible legacy she leaves behind. With her leadership, 100 Mile Club has:

  • Guided countless individuals on their journeys toward physical and mental well-being. Over the past 12 years, 100 Mile Club has become a haven for people of all ages and abilities to find their inner runner, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and create lasting friendships.
  • Championed the transformative power of moving. Our team has been a tireless advocate for the power of walking and running to improve lives, both on and off the track. 
  • Expanded tremendously to reach children, schools, and communities in all 50 states. Annie’s strategic thinking and steadfast dedication have furthered the 100 Mile Club mission and positioned the organization for continued success for years to come.


 “Annie has done a tremendous job leading our organization during this time of transition, and we are very fortunate and grateful to have her as part of our 100 Mile Club team.”

-Adam Krueger – 100 Mile Club Board of Directors President


As we move into this next chapter and extend a warm welcome to our new executive director, BJ Walker, we are very fortunate that Annie will continue to work with and support the organization. We are deeply grateful for Annie’s leadership and unwavering dedication to our cause.

From all of us at 100 Mile Club, Thank You Annie!

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