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100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club is the elite school-based program leading the effort in the prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation.

Move to Learn | Brain Benefits of Movement in the Classroom

During the cold winter months when many of our schools are stuck indoors, we must get creative and find ways to provide opportunities for movement in the classroom setting. As a 100 Mile Club School, you have access to activities, games, and lessons that can serve as mile-equivalents, and guidelines in our Program Guide and more that help you log “miles with intention“. We are celebrating Active Classrooms Week with our partners at Active Schools, and we’re so excited to be bringing attention to the fact that active kids learn better! Follow the fun with #ThisIsYourBrainOnMovement and enjoy this this guest blog post by Julian A. Reed, Ed.D., MPH. Move to Learn | Brain Benefits of Movement in the Classroom by Julian A. Reed, Ed.D., MPH Throughout my tenure as a Professor of Health Sciences at Furman University, I’ve met numerous elementary educators who share similar challenges in their classrooms. How can I get students moving more? How can I improve student behavior? How can I teach to meet all learning styles? How can I engage students with content? How can I also address my state’s standards? Neuroscience findings continue to reveal the brain benefits of movement and kinesthetic learning, including increased engagement and achievement, improved behavior, and better adoption of healthy habits. These benefits are key for improving concentration, memory, focus, and behavior, whether inside or outside of the classroom. As an added health benefit, movement is also shown to prevent inactivity and obesity. It’s no wonder that today’s educators are looking for ways to increase the total amount of weekly physical activity for children. Here are five ways to integrate movement into elementary classrooms. If you’re interested in a webinar on the topic, please click the link below to watch a recorded webinar. Get flexible! Change your classroom setup. Arrange desks in […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | 100 Mile Club + All We Do Is Run Partner to Get Kids Moving in Santa Maria, CA

Contacts: Luis Escobar, All We Do Is Run 805-448-2782 [email protected] Kara Lubin, 100 Mile Club® 951-218-5503 [email protected] Chad Hinkle, Local Music Jam Coordinator [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 100 Mile Club® and All We Do Is Run Partner to Get Kids Moving Back on the Ranch offering a kids 3-hour open run at Elks Unocal Event Center to help all kids reach their goals. SANTA MARIA, CA — August 31, 2019.  All We Do Is Run, a company creating simple, low-key trail running and camping events for runners by runners and 100 Mile Club®, a national nonprofit organization combatting childhood inactivity, today announced the 2019 Back on the Ranch Run, Camp, and Music Jam on October 4-6, 2019 at the Elks Unocal Events Center in Santa Maria, California. Back on the Ranch Run, Camp, and Music Jam is a running festival like no other. Running options include a 48, 24, 12, 6, or 3-hour run on a flat, fast, 1-mile professionally chip-timed loop course. Participants are welcome to camp onsite for the duration of the event. The Local Music Jam, coordinated by Chad Hinkle, will showcase local bands and musicians throughout the day and night on Friday and Saturday. There will be food, campfires, camp activities for the entire family. This year, Back on the Ranch has expanded its reach through partnership with 100 Mile Club and the addition of the “Kids 3-hour Run” on Saturday, October 5 at 9AM. This option is for kids of all ages, but was designed for kids looking to earn miles for the 100 Mile Club, an award-winning, non-profit, school-based running program where students work to log 100 miles (or more!) over the course of the school year. Any and all are welcome to join this special 3-hour run: 100 Mile Club Kids, parents, teachers, […]

#wedomorethanrun | More than a Running Club at CVES

Sent in by Libby Lachman “What the 100MC has given Canyon View is bigger than just a PTA school program or a running club.  It continues to be a regular celebration of success and kindness on campus.  Our students are proud of their accomplishments and that of their teachers and peers.  We see it in action with our celebration tunnels; we hear it in the affirmation cheers that the kids shout out to motivate each other; we know kids wear their t-shirts on days other than running days and are excited to hear the positive feedback from their school community.  The kids are living proof that success can be personified.  They demonstrate the power of YET.  These kids and the dedicated parents make me proud to be a small part of their journey.  Every time I see them, I am so humbled by their determination to achieve what they set their minds to accomplish.” – Coach Libby Lachman, Canyon View Elementary, Irvine, CA ❤️

Allen Brook Makin’ it Work!

Presented by Coach Lyn Porter Submitted by Program Specialist Michelle Toulmin Allen Brook Elementary is a PreK -2 grade school with 370 students in Williston, VT. Coach Lyn Porter has done a wonderful job of making 100 Mile Club® inclusive, attainable, and enjoyable for all. She is a strong believer in the “No Excuses” pillar of 100 Mile Club and it shows. Coach Lyn has created different options for all students to participate throughout the year regards of weather challenges and student interests and it’s working! Below are overviews of creative activities done throughout the year to encourage healthy choices at Allen Brook, as presented by the Coach Lyn herself! Take it away, Coach! ~ Historic Route 66 – 2448 miles.   Students walk, jog or run enough miles as a school to equal the number of miles along Historic Route 66.    Each morning prior to the start of the school day every student in the school has the option to come into the gymnasium and do before school jogging laps. There are multiple ways to accumulate miles throughout the school day. ~ PE Miles. During the roughly 30 minutes students are outside they must keep their bodies moving forward, through running, jogging or walking.  On each lap around the field the students collect a clothes pin.   On each clothes pin there is a benefit of exercise written. Throughout the year, Coach Lyn discuss Goal Setting, a pillar of 100 Mile Club.  ~ Jogging assessment 3 times a year. Before the first assessment Coach Lyn introduced the word “Perseverance”, with a focus on never giving up and recognition of improvement. ~ Snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  Nothing with wheels counts.  It has to be foot driven miles, so snowshoeing works well during those cold winter months! ~ Outdoor walking story book. The idea […]

Tell Us About the T-Shirts

What’s the story with these 100 Mile Club® Tees? We see them everywhere!  What color will the tee be this year? Our 2019-20 shirt color reveal video is below… The 100 Mile Club® t-shirts go back to 1992, and as we locate more pictures, we will post them here and on our Pinterest page. It’s quite a legacy…     Our Founder, Kara Lubin, began hand-painting 100 Mile Club t-shirts in 1992. The TRADEMARK checkbox design on the back of the tee was invented on the floor of her tiny apartment durning her UC Riverside graduate school years.  This allows participants to track their miles up to 100 and beyond by simply marking these boxes as they pass each MILEstone. Her naughty pet rabbit (named Muffin) would run across the wet paint and ruin shirt after shirt. It got expensive! The very first 100 Mile Club® Tee, puffy paint and all! After a few years and many MANY smeared shirts, Ms. Lubin soon discovered that it was easier to screen print them professionally. No rabbits, no smearing, no puffy paint stress. So…this went on the back… But what to put on the front?? At first, 100 Mile Club did not have a professional logo (or any logo at all!), so she asked one of her amazing students, Brian, to draw her a boy and a girl running and a coach cheering them on. Brian’s art was always delightful, and he quickly drew exactly what she described. Brian immediately came up with this drawing: And to this day, Brian’s drawing, affectionately named “The Brian People” remains on our tee as a reminder of who we are and how we started. (Now, it is on the back nestled under the word “CLUB”.) 100 Mile Club® Tees change color every, single year!  Every year, The 100 Mile Club presents a signature, exclusive member t-shirt as […]

Introducing our 2019 goodr + 100 Mile Club Colorway | PROVEN to get kids up and running!

Yes, proven. And we’re doing it again.  LOS ANGELES, CA, March 14, 2019 goodr is a running sunglasses brand created for people who think running is fun, and 100 Mile Club is an organization created to make running fun for kids; we found each other and together we are making a difference in the lives of kids everywhere! ☀️ Goodr + 100 Mile Club have teamed up to bring you their newest colorway, A MILE IS A sMILE. ☀️ These OG frames match our 2018-19 100 Mile Club Tee and are perfect for any activity…no slip. no bounce. all polarized. all fun. no leopards.* These soft pink frames with polarized army green lenses are so fresh you’ll feel like a kid again. (No promises on that, actually, that has more to do with your commitment to diet, exercise and lowering your cortisol levels.) Each pair is just $25 and will fund two kids in the 100 Mile Club for a whole year! Look good.  Run goodr. Help kids.  What could be better? Supplies are limited, so don’t wait! When they’re gone, they’re gone.  goodr’s CEO, Carl the Flamingo, summed it up best when he said, “Squaaaaaaawk!”An expert in Flamingo Linguistics (say that five times fast!) told us that means Carl is thrilled to contribute to the cause of getting kids outside, active, preventing obesity, and having fun! Learn more about flamingo linguistics here. Fund two kids for the year with your purchase here. *No one wearing goodr running sunglasses has ever been attacked by a leopard (as far as we know). About goodr Goodr is a running sunglasses brand founded on the belief that running is fun and your stories and gear should be too. Learn more about goodr here. About 100 Mile Club Now in over 4500 schools (and counting), in all […]

Introducing “Team 100 Mile Club” at Ragnar SoCal 2019

Can $10 change a life? It sure can. For the price of a latte and scone at your favorite coffee shop, you can help a child achieve true personal success through goal setting and exercise. On April 12-13, 2019, 12 runners from all walks of life and fitness levels are coming together for one reason…The 100 Mile Club! 12 runners, 200ish miles. One cause. Kicking things off in Huntington Beach, this dedicated and talented team will Run, Walk, Drive, Sleep (maybe), and Repeat under the California sunshine, beneath the stars at night, and over epic coastlines. Some of us are super-fast and some are not-so-fast, but we’re a team and we will finish STRONG! What could be better?? We know! Helping 100 Mile Club Kids and leading by example, THAT’S what! This campaign has a huge goal of helping 1,000 children participate in the full 100 Mile Club Program in 2019. It costs just $10/year to help one child participate in this incredible and award-winning program. Your donation of $50 or more will earn you a special gift from 100 Mile Club. We think you will love it. 🙂 Can you help? Sponsor one child or many…it’s up to you. Then, share this all over the place so we can reach our goal. Your donation will earn your name on our van window and you will be with us every step of the way!! 1,000 kids x $10 = $10,000 LET’S DO THIS! SPONSOR A KID (or 5) TODAY. Meet The runners Joe Nakamura is the co-Captain of this team, owner of Run Republic® in Walnut, CA, and serves on the 100 Mile Club’s Board of Directors. Joe’s bicep is guilty of photo bombing many, many Ragnar photos…and we expect many, many more! 💪🏽 This is Phil Lozano‘s 4th year on the team and we […]

100 Mile Club Presents EveryONE Virtual Run!

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                100 Mile Club Presents EveryONE Virtual Run! Supporting the Prevention of Childhood Obesity and Inactivity and Getting Kids Active for Life  NORCO, CA — September 12, 2018. 100 Mile Club, a national nonprofit organization, today announced the launch of it’s first-ever EveryONE Virtual Run. For 26 years, 100 Mile Club® has been the program leading the effort to increase physical activity in schools. With three in ten U.S. kids overweight or obese, the organization works with schools to engage and empower students and their families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through daily physical activity; one child, one school, and one community at a time. The EveryONE Virtual Run begins October 1, 2018 and allows you the whole month to complete your chosen distance. Run or walk anytime, anywhere throughout the month. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or new to running, a virtual race is a great way to stay motivated and build your confidence. Concluding October 31st, the EveryONE Virtual Race is for the whole family and allows participants to choose their distance of 5K, 10K, or half-marathon.  Participants can walk, jog or run their chosen distance – anywhere they want – the entire month of October. Registration is $25 and every registrant receives a commemorative finisher’s medal. Registration is now open.  “We are incredibly proud to kick off our 1st ever 100 Mile Club Virtual Race, encouraging anyone and everyone to become part of our mission,” said Kara Lubin, Founder and CEO of 100 Mile Club. “A virtual race is flexible and determined by you. It allows you to join us no matter where you live. Whether in a remote area or big city, pick a goal, run or walk with friends or go solo, and have a great time at a pace […]

goodr Running Sunglasses Help 2,000 Kids sMILE

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 13, 2018 goodr is a running sunglasses brand created for people who think running is fun, and 100 Mile Club is an organization created to make running fun for kids; a match.com algorithm couldn’t have hitched a better pair. It is no surprise, then, that their partnership helped thousands of kids put the fun in running. 100 Mile Club and goodr partnered up in January 2018 and created a custom pair of sunglasses. For each pair sold, goodr sponsored two kids in the 100 Mile Club program for an entire year. In all, 2,000 kids are being funded through the support of goodr and runners all over the world! goodr’s CEO, Carl the Flamingo, summed it up best when he said, “Squaaaaaaawk!” Stephen Lease, goodr co-founder and expert in Flamingo Linguistics translated for us. “We created goodr because we think that running is fun and your gear should be too. And who knows fun (and style) better than kids? The 100 Mile Club inspires all of us to #runlikeakid – with a joyful spring in our step and a hop, skip or jump around the track – a spirit that goes perfectly with our mission to be recklessly committed to fun.” “We want to promote the truth that running – and everything about it – is and should always be fun,” said Kara Lubin, 100 Mile Club founder, “Our partnership with goodr supports that and helps us share the joy of movement with kids who want to celebrate the journey to 100 miles and beyond. It’s perfect, and we couldn’t be more grateful.” Stay tuned for more from goodr and 100 Mile Club and ways you can support the 100 Mile Club student sponsorship fund and help everyone Run Like a Kid!  About goodr Goodr is a running sunglasses […]

20 Reasons Why 100 Mile Club is the ONE!

100 Mile Club® was founded in the 1992-93 school year by a 4th-generation public school teacher and special education specialist who saw a need and addressed it directly. She and her pure enthusiasm, passion, talent, authenticity, vision, creativity, innovation, and inspiration still lead our organization today and shape our deeply-rooted core values. Since 1993, 100 Mile Club has grown to serve teachers and schools nationwide addressing childhood inactivity and obesity. Here is why we are the ONE… 1. We know teachers and schools. It’s where we started and it is where we live. Schools are the heart of a commUNITY and where our children spend the majority of their waking hours. Teachers are everything. THEY are the change makers. We know and understand this deeply and work tirelessly to help our schools do what they do best: Inspire and encourage their students to be the very best they can be. In the words of John Wooden, No written word No spoken plea Can teach our youth what they should be Nor all the books on all the shelves It’s what the teachers are themselves 2. We started it all and we do it best. 100 Mile Club was the 1st national non-profit organization to challenge kids to walk or run 100 or more miles in a school-year. We are the trendsetters. We are the innovators. 26 years of direct experience, research, and hands-on expertise are impossible to duplicate. 3. We love what we do. We are beyond dedicated to our mission…we live our mission. Our enthusiasm, hard work, accessibility, and expertise help our schools create Happy, Healthy, Connected Kids® through the journey to 100 miles and beyond! 4. We are Nationwide. Our program and unique incentives unite thousands of students and schools in all 50 states, each actively combating and reversing childhood inactivity and obesity while sharing our […]