Introducing Team 100 Mile Club | Ragnar SoCal 2020


Can $10 change a life? It sure can.
For the price of a latte and scone at your favorite coffee shop, you can help a child achieve true personal success through goal setting and exercise.


On April 3-4, 2020, 12 runners from all walks of life and fitness levels are coming together for one reason…The 100 Mile Club!

12 runners, 200ish miles. One cause.

Kicking things off in Huntington Beach, this dedicated and talented team will Run, Walk, Drive, Sleep (maybe), and Repeat under the California sunshine, beneath the stars at night, and over epic coastlines.

Some of us are super-fast and some are not-so-fast, but we’re a team and we will finish STRONG! What could be better?? We know! Helping 100 Mile Club Kids and leading by example, THAT’S what!

This campaign has a huge goal of helping 600 children participate in the full 100 Mile Club Program in 2020. It costs just $10/year to help one child participate in this incredible and award-winning program.

Can you help? Sponsor one child or many…it’s up to you. Then, share this all over the place so we can reach and exceed our goal.

Your donation will earn your name on our van windows and you will be with us every step of the way!!

600 kids x $10 = $6,000 LET’S DO THIS!


Meet The runners


Joe Nakamura is the co-Captain of this team, owner of Run Republic® in Walnut, CA, and serves on the 100 Mile Club’s Board of Directors. Joe’s bicep is guilty of photo bombing many, many Ragnar photos…and we expect many, many more! 💪🏽 screen-shot-2019-02-05-at-6-16-48-pm

Kara Lubin is the Founder of 100 Mile Club. She loves long-distance events (she completed her first 4-day event in 2018), but needs lots and lots of time to finish! This is Kara’s 5th Ragnar, and fourth as captain for Team 100 Mile Club. She is grateful for her fast, fundraising friends! 


Ryan Young, a model, adventurer, runner, travel writer, and a true gentleman, is running on Team 100 Mile Club for the 4th year. Ryan is a true ambassador and advocate for our kids and organization. When Ryan is not running, he loves NOT eating avocados and creating the. best. playlists. on Spotify! 🎶


Marcela Nakamura is a second-time runner with the team but knows the race well. Her husband, Joe, is our co-captain…wait, so she’s co-captain by marriage, right? She will no doubt be ready to rock some miles on race day! 😎

Eric Salgado is a veteran to Ragnar and an OG member of Team 100 Mile Club! Eric is multitalented…not only is he a fast runner, but he is a DJ and his sMILE lights up a room!! 🕺🏽


Jack Cain is an actor, model, and a first-time runner on the 100 Mile Club Ragnar team, but he’s no stranger to running long distances! Jack ran across the state of California in 2015 in support of 100 Mile Club, and we are SO happy to have him on the team this year. 🏄🏻‍♂️


Angela Montanez joins us in 2020 as a veteran Ragnarian and first-time 100 Mile Club teammate. As a member of the Corona PD and huge Run With ACOP advocate, Angela is tough, smart, thoughtful, and kind…just how we like it! Welcome, Angela. Let’s run 200 miles together! 👮🏻‍♀️


Aaron Hake is the real deal! His goal is to run all 6 World Major Marathons and eventually run a marathon on all 7 continents. He also qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon in 2019 and is headed back n 2020! See? Well, this Ragnar team won’t help any of his big goals, but he sure will have a lot of fun! 💙 💛


Jamie Morabito, a former motocross racer turned ultra-runner is with us for the first time. He has completed several fixed time and 50- and sub-24 hour 100 mile events and is only just beginning! We are SO happy he is on the team this year. 🏍


Reagan Anders is a physical education teacher and 100 Mile Club Coach at California School for the Deaf in Riverside, California. She is new to our Ragnar team but not new to sport! Reagan is a 4-time Ironman,  2x half Ironman, 4 time Gold-Medalist in the Deaflympics, and so much more! We are honored she has joined the team. 🤟🏽


Jamie Blair is a 100 Mile Club Coach at Corona Ranch Elementary and is one of the most awesome and enthusiastic people we know. Jamie has been a 100 Mile Club coach for over 8 years at several schools and we can’t imagine life without her! She loves to cycle and run and stay movin’ and groovin’ always so of COURSE she’s on our team! We love you, Jamie! 🎺


Adam Krueger is finally on the team! We asked last year and he said he couldn’t….BUT to please not forget about him in 2020. We didn’t!. 😎 Adam enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and spending time outdoors and he build or fix anything…and we mean anything! No fixing needed at Ragnar, Adam. Just snacks, miles, sMILES, and fun! 🛠

Crew and Support: The real heroes

It takes a team within a team and teamWORK to make this dream work. We absolutely cannot finish this race without the following people:


Our 13th Runner. Yep, we have one, but she wont be running. Dr. Connie Polhemus is the former Principal at Peterson Elementary in Huntington Beach, CA and will be serving as our volunteer for this year’s Ragnar Relay. Connie is a Ragnar PRO! She will be at Exchange 8 cheering on all runners!


Glen Gonsalves, Van Captain #2 is up for the challenge again in 2020. We are not sure he has a choice, perhaps his wife made him do it. Glen is cool as a cucumber and keeps us all on track. One of these days, he’s gonna’ have a spot on the team! But wait! Then, who will drive??


Dean Seif  literally surrounds us with support at Ragnar SoCal. His company, CarStar ALLStar Collision in Corona, Ca sponsors our two vans for race day. Dean’s spirit is ever present for the entire race, and we are forever thankful for his and his company’s support.

We would like to thank the following companies for their generous donations to Team 100 Mile Club.

We could NOT do this without you.




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