Set Your GOAL for GOLD!

Dear 100 Mile Club coaches, families and friends,

WELCOME to the new school year! The fun and excitement is starting! Many schools are already back in session and others are gearing up for 2021-2022. Schools are returning with a renewed energy we’re happy to see. Plus, we’re excited to welcome our friends joining us even without direct involvement at a school. This year we are committed to move forward, stronger than ever, as we set our goal for GOLD!


Questions for this year?
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about running your school program, sharing updates, placing orders, joining as an individual or business, logging in, getting started if your school isn’t currently involved or any other question you have. We are here to help make your year GOLDEN!

Never Stop Running!
-Your 100 Mile Club Team

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Jeffrey Dale
Jeffrey Dale

Jeffrey started with 100 Mile Club in 2015 as a part-time IT Support Specialist. Now living in Colorado, Jeffrey continues to work remotely as the IT and Product Development Manager.