Spring + Running = Heart Singing! 🏃❤️

100 Mile Club runners enjoying Run4Kids 2023!

Spring has sprung, and April is HERE! 🌼❤️ There is still LOTS of time to earn miles or even get your program started now if you haven’t. Take in the renewed spring energy, and Let’s RUN together!

Important April items:

  • SCHOOL DISTRICTS! Don’t miss out on the CLUB262 summer program DISCOUNT  (Ends on April 10th)!! Districts participating can receive up to a 10% discount by signing up early. Contact us for more information at [email protected].
  • Medal Orders open April 17th! An email will be coming to all Coaches with ordering information. For now, keep tracking those miles! 
  • Celebrate 30 years of 100 Mile Club with a limited-edition “Love, Kara” tee.
  • It’s not too late to start 100 Mile Club! April can be a great time to get up and running if you’ve not been able to quite yet. Great things are happening, and we will have extra fun in 2023!
  • NEW FUNDING SOURCES! We are thrilled to see multiple school districts implementing 100 Mile Club district-wide this year through new funding sources available, including ELO-P for extended learning programs. Contact us for more information or contact your district to see if funding support is available. 
  • Our 2022-23 Program Downloads are available in our COACHES ONLY section (Web Store login required). Many new and updated FREE resources are available, so check them out! 
  • Inclement weather is here! Don’t stop earning miles and join Ready, Set, Gold! for monthly workout videos and important social and emotional learning topics.

Top FAQs: 

  • I’m moving to a new school within my district or moving to a new school in a different district. How do I keep running 100 Mile Club? It’s so exciting when teachers and coaches who’ve moved schools continue 100 Mile Club at their new site! We are here to help you transition.
    • Please contact us by phone at (951)340- 2290 or email at [email protected], and a Program Specialist will contact you. 
    • If you have a new coach ready to take over running your program, please use this form to update your information
    • NOTE: You can also update account information yourself in our store. This gives you immediate access to your updated account.
  • How many times do coaches place orders throughout the year?
    • Coaches can place as many orders throughout the year as necessary.
    • We encourage you to place your order in time to immediately reward your students with their 25 Mile Signature T-shirt when their goal is reached. Many schools open registration to their students monthly, placing orders as needed. Shipping and Handling charges apply.
    • Ordering is available year-round. There are no cutoff dates, but the 100 Mile Club color cycle begins July 1 and ends June 30 of each year, after which the color for that year is no longer available.
  • How and when do I order medals?
    • Our Gold Medals are available beginning in the spring of each year for students earning 100 miles or more.  Watch for details when medal orders open through emails and our website. You can place your order in the Coaches Only section of our web store. Also available for purchase are extra year-end certificates, if needed. NOTE: There is no cost for medals ordered, up to the amount of Ultra-elite or Elite packages purchased (shipping charges may apply).
  • How long can my students earn miles?
    • That is totally up to you. We ask that you schedule your medal ceremonies to allow as much time as possible to get those miles in. Don’t cut off too early (or too late!).

Our national team wishes you a wonderful month of celebrating faith traditions with all your family and friends! 

Stay Connected with the 100 Mile Club on Facebook! Join us on Facebook, hear from others, share your thoughts and ask questions. This is done in several ways: (1) 100 Mile Club Facebook Page – hosted by the 100 Mile Club national office and open to all; (2) 100 Mile Club Coaches & Staff – a private FB group hosted by the 100 Mile Club national office, just for our coaches at registered schools; and (3) special groups (Club262, Run4Kids, etc.).

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Karina Villasenor
Karina Villasenor

Karina Villaseñor joined the team in 2016 as a Program Specialist. Karina's role has expanded over to social media and branding as the Brand and Marketing Manager.