Avondale is Going the Extra Mile

Post inspired/contributed by Susan Jackson, SKILL Transition Facilitator

It’s official!  The Avondale SKILL program in Rochester Hills, MI is part of the 100 Mile Club!  We have an awesome bulletin board.  Every 5 miles walked, a student is chosen to mark our success with his/her favorite shoe cutout.  Every 25 miles the students get to celebrate.

Here’s how Avondale celebrates MILEstones:

  • Mile 25 – create your own healthy smoothie
  • Mile 50 – Walk the 50th mile at Great Lakes Crossing Mall.
  • Mile 75 – Celebrate with a movie and a healthy snack.
  • Mile 100 – Walk the 100th mile at Stony Creek Metro Park.


We love this program,” says Coach Susan Jackson, “because it is simple, within our budget, and exciting to track. Thank you 100 Mile Club!!!!”

Thank YOU, Coach Jackson! We think you are TOPS. Keep moving forward and celebrating every mile!

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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin