Houston, We have a Challenge!



OUR GOAL? 134,000 Miles (Thats 20 times around the moon!)

YOUR GOAL? 6.7 Miles

A few thousand small steps for you. One giant leap for 100 Mile Club. 


On June 17, 2019, the third annual Ragnar Chase the Moon Challenge has a goal to accomplish together something we could never do alone.

Last year, thousands of Ragnarians each ran 6.7 miles under the full moon, logging enough miles to circle the moon 11 times. This year, our goal is 20!

100 Mile Club is proud to be the designated charity for the 2019 Chase the Moon Challenge. We’ll run together (virtually) by the light of the strawberry moon, score some sweet swag (optional) and do some good along the way (awesome!).

It’s free to join, but t-shirts and medals are limited, so act quickly. PLUS! You have the option of donating to 100 Mile Club to support kids and schools nationwide!


“Like Ragnar, 100 Mile Club believes in the importance of “goal-setting, determination, and team spirit” and strives to help schools and communities produce “Healthy, Happy, Connected Kids.” states Angela Heydorn, Senior Marketing Manager at Ragnar Relay. “This is why Ragnar chose 100 Mile Club to be the benefiting charity for our third annual Chase the Moon challenge.

“When you participate in Chase the Moon you are part of a worldwide community that is striving to accomplish a goal that we could never complete alone. We believe that 100 Mile Club shares this sentiment while improving the communities they are part of. “

“We love the spirit of Ragnar Relay,” adds Kara Lubin, 100 Mile Club® Founder. “Their spirit and goals align with ours so well! Our kids are future Ragnarians, and teaching them to stay active and healthy for life is the first step. That’s where we come in. Our hashtag says it all…#RunLikeaKid!”

“100 Mile Club makes running fun for kids and Ragnar keeps it fun for grownups, while encouraging team spirit, goal-setting, and perseverance. We can’t wait to crush this big goal…together!”

100 Mile Club + Ragnar is a match made in heaven. Or maybe just outer space.

Our goal? Run around the moon 20 times in one night, we just need you and 19,999 of your closest friends to run 6.7 miles under the full moon on June 17th, for a total of 134,000 miles.

We know it’s lofty, but we got this.

Learn more below and join this special, FREE, one-day challenge!

When 100 Mile Club + Ragnar come together, amazing things are sure to happen!


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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin