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If you’re like us, you miss it…all of it. Teachers miss their students, students miss their teachers and friends, parents miss, well, everything…and we all miss the structure of knowing what is happening when.

Inspired by Coach Patricia Hartson from Washington Elementary in CNUSD and what she has been doing in her neighborhood, we would like to share … WALK AT ONE!

“1:00 pm was our afternoon recess time so we turned it into “Walk at One” to get fresh air and exercise,” she explains.

Every day at 1:00PM, she goes for a short walk around her neighborhood, waves to her students, and it is catching on! Kids and families are joining her for a daily face-to-face, yet safely separated hello.

Coach Hartson lives in the community where she teaches, and as she states, “We do practice social distancing, but this gives my students a chance to see me and know things are ok.”

Kids are even writing messages to one another in chalk on the sidewalks to find the next day. Hartson shared her idea, then challenged communities, coaches, and teachers around the country to do the same.



Let’s all put the social back in to SOCIAL distancing! Every day you possibly can, at 1:00 your time, step outside and go for a stroll around the block or up the road, always remembering safety and proper social distancing, of course. On day one you may see no one, but keep it up and share what you are doing. Don’t give up, and on day 2 (or maybe 3 or 4) someone may be out that wasn’t before…and it will grow from there. Pair Walk at One with our 26-Day Challenge, and the miles and sMILES will multiply!

It’s a commUNITY event…modified!

Seeing neighbors and friends and a simple sMILE, wave, or hello makes all the difference in the world right now and will give a nice post-lunch break in the day.
What do you say? Let’s do it! Share your #walkatone pics or stories with us by tagging us @100mileclub on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

See you at one!

OH! and if you haven’t signed up for the 26-day challenge yet, do that too! Click here to learn more.

❤️ We’ve GOT this! ❤️


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