Move-ies to get Moving!

October is the best time of the year to host a movie-theme fun run and move your bodies while celebrating your favorite characters. Have you ever wanted to hang out with Bruno, Poppy, or ride a wave with Lilo and Stitch? These movie-themes will inspire to move your body towards your goal and dressing up as your favorite character is always a great time!  


So, lace up those shoes, and get ready to walk or run.

  • We Don’t Talk About Bruno! Challenge.  Dress up as your favorite Encanto character and invite the whole familia (family) to join the run. This theme is the perfect run to bond with your family and create memories while moving towards your goal together. DON’T FORGET to invite BRUNO! 
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling! Let’s bring happiness with the magic of moving your body and feet just like in Trolls. But be careful because this fun run will fill your campus with joy and laughter that creatures will want to eat you to feel happy. So, make sure to RUN fast! 
  • Turning Red with Mei. Find your inner beast and wear your best red panada or have an all red party and celebrate moving with your friends while listening to the best boy bands. 

Not a movie fan? No worries! We have you covered with our fall themes. 

  • Jack-o-Lantern Jog. Host a chance drawing for pumpkins donated by local markets or friends. Better yet, host a pumpkin carving afternoon! 
  • Harvest Hustle. Start your community canned-food drive now. Food is needed year-round. 
  • Costume Party Run. Have someone ready to take pics of cute little costumed runners! 





We make running FUN, and our themed runs are a great way to promote healthy habits on your campus. Keep it interesting and your students will have more fun while running and more likely to keep it up throughout the year. The goal is to encourage participants to have FUN and enjoy their 100 mile journey.

Visit Events for October 2022 for more details for Pumpkin Rock Walk.


Click image for Spooky Sprinting Songs! We make running fun with a Spotify playlist to celebrate MILEstones and keep moving all year long!
Click image for Move-ies to get Moving! We make running fun with a Spotify playlist to celebrate MILEstones and keep moving all year long!











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Karina Villasenor
Karina Villasenor

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