How to: Mark up our new tees!

Instagram @100mileclub_tees Inspiration

Although our shirts are super soft this year, our navy blue is much darker than our previous years, so the traditional black Sharpie won’t show up as well. Here are some alternate options that we came up with. We washed the tee after 78 hours per the puffy paint’s instructions, and all options held up great!

  • 25 box: Metallic Silver Sharpie
  • 50 box: White permanent marker 
  • 75 box: White puffy paint dots with white fabric marker underneath
  • 100 box: Teal puffy paint

You can find the materials at your local craft store or online.


How do you mark YOUR 100 Mile Club Tee? 🌎Tag us at @100mileclub and we’ll share your unique art with the world!🌍


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Emma Mackie
Emma Mackie

Emma has been running with 100 Mile Club since she was in elementary school, and joined the team in May of 2023. She works in programs and operations as well as social media.