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The 100 Mile Club® is thrilled to announce it has signed an exciting partnership with an INCREDIBLE endeavor,  Canada-based Run for Tomorrow (R4T).  R4T is a non-stop relay-style run around the world by a 10-person team of experienced marathon runners representing seven different countries. Each member of the team runs a marathon distance and passes the baton to the next runner. Through more than 30 countries and for 200 days, the baton never stops moving. The team will cover approximately 120 miles each day in support of affiliated charities.  100 Mile Club® is now one of R4T’s partner charities and we couldn’t be more thrilled!


The team will cover approximately 120 miles each day as the runners continuously pass the ‘Commitment Scroll’ to one another (through night and day…NONSTOP).  The Commitment Scroll will list the names of people who either have committed money to the R4T goal or have committed volunteer time to provide support to one of our affiliated charities.  As it continues through different locations around the world, the core team will raise awareness of the R4T cause and mobilize activities in various individuals and organizations.


When people sign the Commitment Scroll they also make a public commitment to do a physical activity of their choice, the goal of which is to improve their own health and wellbeing. R4T also has a ‘Virtual Commitment Scroll’ – people sign-on to the scroll on this R4T website, state their level of commitment to their own health, and the extent to which they will support the respective charities.


R4T will be visiting The 100 Mile Club® schools as well as spreading the core messages of, and information about, the 100 Mile Club® around the world. The 100 Mile Club® is one of the charities that people will be able to support through Run for Tomorrow. Stay tuned for more details! Woohoo!


The purpose of R4T is to improve the health and well-being of individuals around the world. R4T will be the ‘spark’, as it educates children and adults about the importance of healthy living and exercise, and encourages and inspires them to commit to making positive changes in their own lives.


R4T is committed to raising awareness and support for people with diabetes, heart and stroke conditions, cancer, children and youth, and those who are in poverty (represented by our partner charities).


The ‘Big Run’ begins on September 15th in Ottawa, Canada, and then runs into the US and up to British Columbia before heading to New Zealand and Australia and then Japan and Southeast Asia and on…. The R4T will meeting with schools and participating in community events along the way.


For more information and the global route go to Run for Tomorrow’s website: http://www.r4t.org/



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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin