Team 100 Mile Club at Ragnar SoCal: Running 200-ish Miles for our Kids


Can $10 change a life? It sure can.

For the price of a latte and scone at your favorite coffee shop, you can help a child achieve true personal success through goal setting and exercise.

On April 6-7, 2018, 12 runners from all walks of life and fitness levels are coming together for one reason…The 100 Mile Club!

12 runners, 200 miles. One cause.

Kicking things off in Huntington Beach, this dedicated and talented team will Run, Walk, Drive, Sleep (maybe), and Repeat under the California sunshine, beneath the stars at night, and over epic coastlines.

Some of us are super-fast and some are not-so-fast, but we’re a team and we will finish STRONG! What could be better?? We know! Helping 100 Mile Club Kids and leading by example, THAT’S what!

This campaign has a huge goal of helping 1,000 children participate in the full 100 Mile Club Program in 2018. It costs just $10/year to help one child participate in this incredible and award-winning program.

Your donation of $50 or more will earn you a special gift from 100 Mile Club. We think you will love it. 🙂

Can you help? Sponsor one child or many…it’s up to you. Then, share this all over the place so we can reach our goal.

1,000 kids x $10 = $10,000 LET’S DO THIS! Click below…


Please meet our 2018 100 Mile Club® Ragnar Relay Team. Each runner’s name is linked to their personal fundraising page, so click and donate to your favorite!

Are you ready? Here they are in no particular order:


Joe Nakamura, a very fast person who loves to drink Idahoan Potatoes mixes with water during his races. YUM.
Philip Lozano, has the best sense of humor, a contagious belly-laugh, has never missed an episode of Real Housewives of OC, and will always accept a fun running challenge!
Jamey Bettencourt, a true go-getter, 100 Mile Club Coach and rebel who always tears the DO NOT REMOVE tags off of pillows. She just ran her first 50K!
Thomas Warner, is a singing teacher and humble & fast runner who has the best wife in the world.He is also very funny. 🙂
Ryan Young, model and adventure runner, is obsessed with driftwood and Oreo cookies! Ryan just hit an LA Marathon PR of 3:17. And he went to work immediately afterward. What?
Megan Bloch and her infectious smile, coming all the way from Boston, MA, shared a secret language with her sister until second grade. So cool.
Kara Lubin, who embraces her inner tortoise, ran the inaugural Caballo Blanco Marathon in Urique, Chihuahua, Mexico…which actually turned out to be a 50K…so she still has not run a marathon!
Nathan Longcrier, the most encouraging teammate out there, has completed Badwater135 and Salton Sea FIVE TIMES!! He will yell “BAMWHAT!” as he passes you…which he certainly will do. As he encourages you of course.
Karina Villaseñor, one of the Original 100 Mile Club Kids, is a self-described Ninja Turtle fan and a Wii U Just Dance Champion!
Rebecca Luna, a former DJ and candy lover, joins our team this year representing the 100 Mile Club flagship school…McKinley Elementary!
Eric Salgado, who, when not running ridiculously fast..loves to watch the same movies on TV…OVER AND OVER …and over again. His wife loves it. No really. She does…right Eric?
Mikey Lopez, a wrestler at heart and part of our Run with ACOP Team, ran his first marathon in 2009 with an epic time of 3:35!


VAN MOM: Tina Loza, Van 1 Total rockstar, 100 Mile Club Board Member, and the best driver in the land, Tina will keep the runners in Van 1 on course and well-fed all day-night-day!
VAN DAD: Glen Gonsalves, VAN 2 Glen is steadfast, wise, and focused…but also so much fun and up for anything! We are never lost in Van 1 with Glen at the helm.


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100 Mile Club is the elite school-based program leading the effort in the prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation.