Our Incentives

The 100 Mile Club incentive packages were carefully developed over the course of 30 years and are utilized by thousands of schools in all 50 states and internationally, as well. 100 Mile Club schools at all package levels are universally connected, whether through our signature t-shirts, celebration certificates, coveted gold medals, or all the above!

Since its inception, the 100 Mile Club has motivated and recognized students with a comprehensive set of incentives, uniquely marking milestones at every 25-mile interval. Our packages are all-inclusive, so much fun, and are the highest quality and most cost-effective in the business. Best of all…they work!

Comprehensive. Cost-Effective. Award-Winning.

Please note: Product images shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only. 100 Mile Club product designs are subject to change without notice as we strive to enhance features and quality.