As the Lead National Supporter of 100 Mile Club, New Balance Foundation shares our vision of healthy, happy, connected kids and communities.

We are grateful for the continued support from the New Balance Foundation, and are proud to work with them in our shared goal of improving the health and well-being of children and communities. Visit the Foundation and learn more about their mission below.

“We believe kids are made to move, and we know that active kids do better – better in the classroom, better attendance, better health and fitness. That’s why, since 2013, the New Balance Foundation has been supporting that most democratic of sports by funding large-scale, national youth running initiatives.”

The New Balance Foundation approaches childhood obesity thoughtfully, comprehensively and focused on the long-term. Their approach is sustained through the powerful, collaborative relationships among their partners. They prioritize programs that:

  • Address the fundamental drivers of childhood obesity
  • Incorporate multiple cross-cutting strategies grounded in scientific evidence
  • Are designed for long-term impact
  • Build community partnerships across sectors to sustain success

“Schools are a great place for boosting children’s activity levels, and grants supporting programs like 100 Mile Club help counteract the decrease in recess and physical education time plaguing many school districts.”

The 100 Mile Club is proud to be supported by the New Balance Foundation as part of their ongoing efforts to prevent childhood obesity.