The “Get-It” Award: Enthusiasm & Team Spirit at SWS!

One of the highest compliments we give at 100 Mile Club® is to simply write or tell a coach or school that they “get it”. Usually the conversation goes something like this:

“You’re perfect. You just get it. Can we clone you?” 

What more can we say? When you Get It, you understand 100 Mile Club’s mission, vision, and philosophy.

You understand the power of what we are doing and the commitment and passion with which it must be done.

You understand that you must make mistakes to move forward and think outside the box to make permanent change…

You are truly part of the team, the family, the program, the movement.

You are part of 100 Mile Club®. You GET IT.

For this reason, we now want to recognize schools, districts, and coaches with The “Get It” Award.

The 100 Mile Club® utilizes Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success when we talk about

(1) being your personal best,

(2) working toward goals, and

(3) coaching/teaching our kids.

Our initial focus with new 100 Mile Club® coaches and kids are the two bottom “cornerstones” of the Pyramid: Hard Work (Industriousness) and Enthusiasm. If you are not working hard and excited about what you are doing, then truly…nothing else can happen. We believe that these two cornerstone blocks are absolutely essential for true success. Without them, the Pyramid of Success would crumble.

Coach Wooden's I&M Pyramid of Success

Our coaches at Swift River School in New Salem, Massachusetts are so much fun and coach with total Enthusiasm. They are Enthusiasm and Hard Work personified.

One of my favorite people…SWS Coach Nan Mead. Please note the yellow rubber gloves on Nan’s running shoes to make the most adorable turkey feet ever!


Head Coach Nancy Mead and the team at Swift River School have made magic happen over the past year. They have created a healthy, happy, connected school where ALL kids are 100 miles healthier…AND they just got a new track! WOOT!

Recently, Nan and her team entered a local race where things did not go exactly as planned. It didn’t matter though, because there were kids to coach! At this point, I don’t think anyone knew who was inspiring whom!


Were the adults coaching the kids, or was it the other way around??

SWS Coach Christine Morin wrote on Facebook recently:

“Today’s race was a clustermug, but everything works out the way it’s supposed to. Jill and I were supposed to finish with our little friend. This beautiful young child turned it all around for us. We went from feeling pretty ridiculous to coaching with purpose in a heartbeat! #100mileclub, I love what we do! Oh yeah, we won the Team Spirit award!”


They won the TEAM-SPIRIT award!! (Team Spirit is another of the very important blocks in The Pyramid of Success and such an important part of the mission, vision, and philosophy of 100 Mile Club®.)

These coaches just simply “get it”.

One spectator wrote: “Your whole group was awesomeness personified. Way to represent health, fun, and most importantly togetherness and spirit! You are one spunky bunch of glam-runners.” ~ Angela Worden-Corey

After watching these enthusiastic ladies and gentlemen, Angela is now looking to bring 100 Mile Club® to her school!

Thank you for getting it, Swift River!


You are now the proud recipient of our first ever “GET IT” AWARD! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Look for something in the mail soon.



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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin