So..What IS a “Get-It” Award, Anyway? And WHO gets it this time?

A district administrator emailed me the other day and was so happy that a few of her teachers had received a “Get-It” Award from us…she asked about all sorts of things: what the criteria was, how often we give them, and a bunch of other stuff.

My reply was less than technical but somehow accurate and I thought I’d share it with you before we give out the next 3 “Get-Its”…

So how do you explain the Get It Award? The easiest way to explain it is that it’s the combination of a School/Coach Spotlight and a Caught Being Good Award. Hopefully this blog can help a little.

We do them as often as we can and whenever we see something awesome or feel like a school just really understands the program and what we’re trying to do.

Basically, this award goes to people who are fabulous, who are making the 100 Mile Club work no matter what, who are inspiring their kids to become everything they can be. We give these awards to the crème de la crème of 100 Mile Club® coaches, schools, advocates, or districts.

If you try and overthink the Get It Award, it almost cheapens it. In short, it’s a huge honor. Just know that if you get one, we think you’re pretty cool.

Our next Get-It is well-earned, as always:

Nicole Zundel from Freedom Crest Elementary in Menifee, CA. Nicole jumped in with both feet and eyes wide open! She has done quite a few awesome things this year. Just to name a few…

  • Nicole built a very cool stand-alone website for all of her school’s 100 Mile Club® needs…and she did it through Shutterfly, which is so creative and unique. Check it out right here.
  • When our calendar crashed on the 100 Mile Club website, Nicole immediately sent us a message and offered to share her exported calendar to ALL of the families in the region (literally THOUSANDS of families!). She had all of our events exported to a Google Calendar and it LITERALLY saved us for 3 days! Her TEAM SPIRIT is so appreciated and shows us that when we take care of each other, everyone wins.
  • Nicole used RESOURCEFULNESS to seek out sponsorships from her local gym (thank you Fitness 19, Menifee!).  She now has a dedicated Assistance Program where anyone can participate in the FULL GOLD MEDAL Program, regardless of ability to donate.
  • And she AMBITIOUSLY organized a huge aerial group photo of her Club… here is a side shot. What does it say?? We have to wait for the actual photo.

FCE Aerial Pic

You TOTALLY GET-IT! Congratulations, Nicole…you are a STAR!


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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin