Solano Avenue School: No whining. No complaining. No excuses.

Solano Avenue Elementary School in LAUSD has every excuse in the book NOT to Accept the Challenge of The 100 Mile Club®. Seriously.

No space to run? CHECK.

Solano literally has no playground. They did have one. It was about the size of 2 basketball courts. You can see it in the map. That is gone now, making way for more classrooms.

Solano is surrounded on 3 sides by hills which create a walled-in feeling in this adorable mini community. They sit in the shadow of Dodger Stadium on the west, and the 4th side is cropped off by the 110 Freeway. Talk about being hemmed in!!

  • How did they solve it? They have mapped out several routes around the tiny little neighborhood and once (sometimes twice) a day, they stop, stand, and exit the school.  Their walks around the block are legendary!  They have made time before and after school a few days a week for kids who want extra miles, too! Also, they utilize a local park just steps away from the school. In short…they make it work.

No time to run? CHECK.

The teachers at Solano are under the gun.  Just like you. Closing achievement gaps, maximizing instructional minutes, common core looming, meetings, meetings, meetings, trainings, AHHHH! They have it all. Just like you.

  • How did they solve it? Well, at Solano, there is no such thing as no time to run. Teachers at Solano know that for every minute spent moving, they earn back those valuable instructional minutes lost because of “the wiggles” and other off-task behavior. They know that Exercise boosts brain power and they use it well (John Medina, Brain Rules)!

No place to hold outside events? CHECK!

This school is about as urban as it gets.

How did they solve it? They found a beautiful park to use and something else too!  The LA Police Academy was a short walk away…and what do they have there? A TRACK!  Look at the map! The school partnered with the Academy to use their track on certain days and times. Pretty cool, huh?

No funding? CHECK!

Sure, money is tight everywhere, but Solano knows the value of the 100 Mile Club® Incentive Package with it’s awesome tee and GOLD MEDAL, so they went searching.

How did they solve it? They started anyway and worked hard to find funding while their kids were racking up miles. Their philosophy is “if you build it, they will come” And they did! These kids and teachers have been running and working since September…some with more that 50 miles logged. They never gave up!  Solano hooked up with an amazing group in Chinatown (located very close to their school), called the LA CHINATOWN FIRECRACKER FUND, and asked them for help. The Firecrackers, who have worked with 100 Mile Club in the past, enthusiastically agreed! Now, every child is part of 100 Mile Club’s GOLD MEDAL Program, and will also be competing in the Firecracker’s annual Firecracker 5/10K. Some are doing the 5K, some (the 6th graders!) are doing the 10K, and the little ones are completing the 1 mile Kiddie run.  The participants are all meeting at the school and will walk to the event, adding a couple miles on to their 100-mile goal.

100 Mile Club Kids from Solano with Principal William Bertrand (right) in a cool 100 Mile Club HAT!

Being successful in The 100 Mile Club® is not about what you have or don’t have. It’s about doing what you can with what you have where you are. It’s about celebrating what you do…not mourning what you don’t or can’t do. It’s about being together and working toward a common goal.

100 Mile Club® may look different in every school, but it FEELS the same everywhere you go. There is something magic about a shared goal.

Congratulations to Solano Avenue School, and to ALL of our schools who are making it happen one step, one lap, one mile, one child at a time. YOU ROCK!

We love you!

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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin