Random Awesomeness Happening in Schools Everywhere!

It’s a very cool thing to be overwhelmed with great news. Here are some of the fabulous emails and pics we have received lately. Our coaches are total rock stars, our kids are INCREDIBLE, and we all make a pretty awesome team. Take a look at the great news we have been receiving!

  • Jog-a-thons Abound! What better way to raise valuable funds for your school? Jog-a-thons are direct donations with healthy perks and miles count, of course! Big Thompson (or Big T for short) held a jogathon last week and rocked it up one side and down the other! Thank you coach Stephanie for sending us pics! She writes, “We love the (100 Mile) Club at Big T and can’t wait to start again next year! Here are a few pictures from our Jog-a-Thon we hosted last week. Enjoy!” For more pics, click here.

  • Membership in The 100 Mile Club sure has its perks! A gentleman from Universal Studios Hollywood called a couple of days ago. He’d found a lost wallet, but the only identifying information was a 100 Mile Club® Membership Card. He wondered if we had membership records, because there was an address in there as well, but he wanted to verify it. We did little mapquest research, found the address was right across the street from Alexandria ES in Los Angeles and we called the coach right away. She checked yesterday and we just heard back this morning…He was their student and is being reunited with his wallet!

  • Getting Faster! “Here is a picture of our awesome runners of The 100 Mile Club. We were timed in the mile yesterday and three of us ran in the 8 minute range. I am so PROUD!” – Coach Ana

  • “Mini-Mes” are Everywhere! “Attached please find some picture of our smallest 100 Mile Clubbers.  Both are siblings of two of my runners and come out faithfully and participate.  I awarded the boy his tee yesterday in our all school assembly when I do my monthly awards and he was to tickled to be up front with everyone.  Our club here at CCS Frederickson has grown, and I even have two runners in Belgium (left during the year), one that just moved to South Carolina, and another two that are leaving for Korea at the end of the week.  All are tracking still their miles and I am awarding via mail.  It’s fun to see how our club has evolved since we started just a few years back.  Our parents are so thrilled to see the joy in their kids’ faces, even when we are running in a down pour (this is Washington after all).” – Coach Stephanie

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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin