A Letter from Our Founder

Since the beginning of my adventures as The 100 Mile Club® Founder…

  • I have wished that every child and every school would know about and be given the opportunity to participate in The 100 Mile Club.
  • I have hoped that ALL schools could come together to combat this inactivity epidemic and do something meaningful and HUGE…TOGETHER as one big team.
  • I have dreamt that one day, every child in the country would be able to proudly say that they were part of something that showed the world that anything is possible. That they did something BIG.

These wishes, hopes, and dreams are now coming true!

This Spring, schools in the United States (and beyond) are going to begin logging one BILLION miles TOGETHER, and guess who is leading the way?

The New Balance Foundation and ChildObesity180, in partnership with and inspired by 100 Mile Club®, proudly bring you the New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race!!

Read all about it right here.

All we will need are your miles…we will put them in one big crazy, online pile, and we will keep doing that until we reach one BILLION miles. That’s right, one billion. With a B.

(It’s just a million miles a thousand times. No big deal, right?)

We at 100 Mile Club like big challenges. We like to do the impossible. We love teamwork, and we LOVE our schools!

Are you in? Can we count YOUR miles?

Stay tuned for more information, but for now, know that we are all in this together and we are going to make history!! Let’s GOOOO!

This is going to be fun!

Yours Always,





Kara Lubin, Founder & CEO

The 100 Mile Club®


For more information, or to acyivate your school for the Billion Mile Race, please visit http://www.billionmilerace.org

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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin