Here are 12 +1 things you need to know RIGHT NOW.

  1. 100 Mile Club Program NEVER closes!  You can sign kids up any time.  Even if they sign up late in the year, let them do the best they can with the time they have.  Personal best will change each year.
  2. The 100 Mile Club is SIMPLE.  When you start to over-think it, just remember…it’s kids running in circles. It is fun! Make it fun!! 🙂
  3. Our INCENTIVE PACKAGES are simple and easy to order. No need order extra plastic little trinkets for your kids. They end up in the trash or littering the playground.  We’ve got the whole year COVERED with fun, wearable, & USEFUL milestone incentives!
  4. Do you have a Program Guide yet?  The 100 Mile Club® PROGRAM GUIDE is a nuts an bolts of 100 Mile Club in one beautiful and easy-to-read place.  We think you will love and use this for years to come!
  5. Our medals are redesigned and are GORGEOUS! Pics below.
  6. Coaches Corner is getting better and better each day.  If you are not signed up yet…go now!  We are waiting for you!
  7. We do not need your registration forms.  Those are for your use. When you order incentive packages, all we need is sizes and quantities.
  8. WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!  If you are feeling stressed and need to chat, we are here.  Call us.  We love you.
  9. We are human. So are you. We will make mistakes.  So will you. Please forgive us in advance.  Our intentions are pure and awesome and we are doing big things.  SO ARE YOU. We are bound to mess up at times.  That’s good though, because according to Coach Wooden, only DOERS make mistakes.  WE ARE DOERS!  Welcome!
  10. There is so much to learn. I am still learning. You will never be perfect…there is always something on which to improve.
  11. There is so much fun to be had.  Have SO much fun with 100 Mile Club this year!  Drink it in.  It is a BLAST!
  12. There is strength in numbers. Being part of a big organization gives you “clout”.  Ask for help.  People will want to help you because you are doing something GREAT!!  AND YOUR BONUS…
  13. You are going to change lives.  Period.  Lives will be changed by what you do this year.  Remember, we do this 1 child at a time.  These kids are going to charm your socks off and they are going to love you for helping them do this. Enjoy!
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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin