Stories and Sayings from Schools Across the Country.

This is Miles, who is in kindergarten and just finished his 50th mile! He’s half way there! This is the first year for the 100 Mile Club at Fancy Farm Elementary and I have blown away with the amount of students and the effort of each one them! They can’t wait to start their laps as soon as they arrive for PE class (I’m their teacher). We also meet one day a week after school. Our principal is an awesome role model and frequently joins us to get her miles in! I have other teachers always willing to help at practice. It is definitely an around great teamwork by everyone! The 100 Mile Club has been a great addiction to our school!

-Jacqueline Bemke-Lear, Fancy Farm, KY

Our students are doing great with the 100 mile club! We raised money to get pedometers for each kid and they keep track of their steps each week!! I also started a before school running program and an after school walking program to accumulate miles! I also hold monthly 5k community walk/runs! We have about 100/300 students who have made it to 100 miles so far!

-Jason Bruce, Fairfax, VA

I’m the coach from Promenade Elementary, our 100 mile club runs every morning Monday through Friday at the school. Our kids love it so much. We have 300 plus students and parents siblings and teachers. Everyone has a better day when they start out at 100 mile club.

-Amber Lyons, Corona, CA

We got a late start here at Moscow Elementary but our kiddos are SO motivated and the teachers have really taken initiative and jumped on board this year. 100 mile club has brought our whole school together!

-Becky York, Bingham, ME

This was the end of our 1st year of 100 at Bryson Elementary (2015-2016). These were all the students who received their tshirts at 25 miles. The following year (2016-2017) we double that number. This year (2017-2018) we have already surpassed our goal to double it yet again! We have been so please at the positive response to a new program at our school! Love that we can teach kids that running is fun!

-Martha Kendall, South Gate, CA

100 Mile Club has given my daughter confidence & has turned her into a runner! Blessed to be her Mom and her coach!

-Carissa Howard, Corona, CA

We are the first school in the district to bring the 100 mile program to Walnut Unified! I get to Coach an amazing group of kids with these awesome ladies. Every session is a blessing.

-Jasmine Johnson, Walnut, CA

This is our first year of participating in 100 mile club and our students have been so dedicated and excited. Our club meets before school four days a week and after school two days a week. None of the running is done during the school day therefore the students spend extra time to achieve their goals. We have 135 members. 70 students have 25 miles, 23 have 50 miles and six have 75 miles. One of our members has a total of 98 miles! We are super excited to see where our runners will finish the year!

-John Homer, McAlester, OK

These two were my inspiration for becoming a 100 Mile Club Coach! From the moment I heard about 100 Mile club I knew it would be empowering for my kids! But little did I know how empowering it would be for me! I have been volunteering in my kids classrooms for the last 6 years, helping with various things their teachers needed, it was hard every week to want to go back because I felt like I wasn’t making a difference. Being a 100 Mile Club Coach has been the most rewarding volunteer experience! The kids love it, their teachers love what it teaches, and I love being in my kids classrooms doing something meaningful!

-Kandie Miller, Santa Maria, CA

100MC is more than a club for our family of runners...it is a safe place to burn off some energy and work successfully towards a goal at your own pace. No judgement, no pressure, no negativity, just wild and free fun. We have some kids who run and socialize, some who run alone and are lost in their thoughts. We have parents who run/stand with their kids and support their goals, some who run for themselves and are role models of a healthy and active lifestyle. It is a wonderful outlet for all, and we are forever thankful to the amazing leadership we have had at our school in supporting this club, past and present. Rain or shine, our running families show up and that is all that matters.

-Libby Latchman, Irvine, CA

This is our fourth year at Highland Elementary School. We started with two coaches and now we have 5 coaches! We meet Tuesday Thursday mornings during the first recess with the speaker & play music to pump up the kids. We have a community run on Wednesdays after school at the park behind our school. Students from other schools attend. This is exactly why we started, to be active in our community and to create a community of healthy individuals. We love every moment of it!

For all u beginning coaches, remember, the staff at the 100MC Norco Office is absolutely wonderful! They will support you to no end & sMile doing it.

-Nani Perez, Riverside, CA

Deaf students from CSDR shared one word about their feeling in running for 100 mile club program. They shared 25 words. There are 25 words in this picture and introduction to finger spelling.

-Reagan Anders, Riverside, CA

I never thought that 100 Mile club made much of a difference at our school and what we did, until I heard from a few students that 100 Mile Club was their favorite part of school. So much so that one of the students wants to be a 100 Mile club coach "when she grows up." She also fashioned her snow"woman" from school as a 100 Mile Club Coach. What fun it is to get to know these amazing kids and to help them learn and grow healthy.

-Stephenie Tanner, Salem, OR

Namaqua Elementary in Loveland Colorado LOVES 100 Mile Club!
Our school has been a part of the 100 Mile Club for three years now and we can’t say enough about the program! Our students are putting in sMiles almost every day... each benefiting from the activity, fresh air and camaraderie out on our track! 100 Mile Club has also unexpectedly filled a great need for commUNITY in our school. Thank you 100 Mile Club for helping our school and our kids set goals and blow them away... sMile by sMile!

-Wendy Miner, Loveland, CO

When a student proudly tells me it’s the first medal they’ve ever earned... it’s worth it.
When a staff member thanks us for supporting and encouraging their healthy lifestyle changes... it’s worth it.
When students tell me they didn’t know they could make friends until they joined... it’s worth it.
When staff members tell me it’s the most positive thing they’ve done at school... it’s worth it.
When parents thank us for providing this opportunity for their kids... it’s worth it.
When I get inspired every single day by every participant, young and old... it’s worth it.
And, at the end of each long day, and we think about all the smiling bundles of energy that await us the next early morning... it is most definitely worth it!

-Ken Jolliff