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What makes the 100 Mile Club program easy to implement is the ability to meet the needs of any school, including yours!

Of the 3 programs discussed here, our Hybrid option is the one used quite often and most creatively by our schools. In fact, our schools were using it even before it had a name!

Simply put, the Hybrid Program is a combination of the previous two programs: the NO COST Certificate Path and the ORIGINAL Gold Medal Program. Schools may utilize both programs simultaneously to best meet the needs of their students and school.

Our Hybrid program allows you to utilize both programs any way you need. Many schools start with our Gold Medal program in one classroom or grade level while using our Certificate Path program simultaneously throughout the school. This is a very popular and highly flexible option! Here are some other examples:

  • Upper grades (4-6) use the GOLD Program, while Primary (TK-3) focus on the Certificate Path. This option gives the students something to look forward to when they get to be "big kids".
  • School uses Certificate Path during the school day and a Before or After-School “Club” (maybe PTA/PTO sponsored…) uses Gold. This allows all kids to opt in to the “Club” whenever they are ready while still enjoying the benefits of earning miles, setting goals, and making them happen.

The 100 Mile Club Hybrid Program is the most flexible way to implement 100 Mile Club…literally, the combinations are endless.

Incentive Package

  • Official 100 Mile Club® CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ID card
  • A unique 100 Mile Club® T-shirt earned at 25 miles
  • Golden Pencil earned at 50 miles
  • Wristband earned at 75 miles
  • Final Year-End Certificate for all participants celebrating their success
  • Custom 100 Mile Club® Gold Medal with neckband, ONLY for those who reach their 100 mile goal (ordered in Spring for year-end Medal Ceremony)

How we Developed the Program

Our goal is to help YOU make your 100 Mile Club just what it needs to be at your site. Whether you are a NO COST Certificate Path School, an ORIGINAL Gold Medal School or anything in between (Hybrid), we are here to help you 100%. You are part of our family and we will help you from mile 0 to mile 100 and beyond!

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