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The 100 Mile Club® NO-COST CERTIFICATE PATH Program is a free option for your school and students. It is an excellent way to get your school moving immediately and join the national effort to get ALL kids healthy, happy, and connected through the journey to 100 miles (or more!)

From the moment that you register in the Certificate Path Program you become a part of the 100 Mile Club family and receive all of the care and attention you need. With this program you are not ordering the incentives, however you do still have great tools like a downloadable Challenge Accepted ID Card and End of Year Certificate available. At any point if you wish to begin ordering incentives, you can do so by simply logging into Coaches Corner, with the Log-in information we provide you from the beginning, and order.

Program Enhancements

  • The Challenge Accepted ID Card is the way to acknowledge that your runners have truly Accepted the Challenge of the 100 Mile Club journey. You can download the card for free or purchase through us printed on high-quality paper. Five (5) simple mantras adorn the back of the Card, reminding your participants to make every day special, stay true to goals, and never make excuses.
  • The End of Year Certificate keepsake can be downloaded for free or purchased through us printed on high-quality, glossy, heavy-bonded paper. The final certificate is awarded to each participant, regardless of miles achieved. These are presented at the year-end medal ceremony and are kept in memory books all over the world celebrating the success of each student!

Program Development

We want you to have no excuses to start a running/walking program at your school and 100 Mile Club is the best way to make that happen! Our goal is to provide you with a seamless, turnkey way to get started immediately. This Certificate Path Program was developed from the need we saw in schools of getting students, schools, families and communities moving and active with the 100 Mile Club for free.

Using the foundations of the 100 Mile Club that we have already cultivated after 24 years, we simplified our original incentive based program to the essence of the spirit of the 100 Mile Club and the Certificate Path Program.

Also Included

Access to COACHES CORNER, including…

  • Comprehensive Program Guide
  • Program Design Assistance
  • Interactive Forums
  • Useful downloads & forms
  • Helpful, useful, and up-to-date information
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter
  • Kick-off and Medal Assembly Support
  • Access to National Regional Community Calendar
  • National Social Media Connections; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel
  • Invitations to Monthly Informative and Interactive Google Hangout
  • Quarterly Webinars with 100 Mile Club Founder Kara Lubin, Topics may include:
    • Welcome To The 100 Mile Club!
    • Moving Through Winter Days and Weird Weather
    • Motivating And Inspiring Your Students
    • Celebrating Your Student’s Success!

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