Club 262

A fun healthy way of taking a summer break

June 1 - July 31

Created from a need expressed by parents who asked, “What about during the summer? How do we keep our kids and our families moving?” The Club 262 Summer Challenge keeps your entire family moving all summer long.

The course? The world is your course! We challenge kids, their friends and the entire family to run or walk a total of 26.2 miles from June 1 to July 31.

Get those miles in at the park, on a trail, vacation, family walks, at the beach, and even at an amusement park. WHEREVER!

With new swag and more events than ever before, 2018 will be the best summer yet!

Welcome to Club262

Corporate Wellness Program

Easy to implement – Affordable - Employees immediately benefit

Thank you for your interest in committing to give your employees the opportunity to experience wellness and personal success!

The 100 Mile Club® corporate wellness program is designed to fit into any corporate setting while being extremely affordable, convenient, and very effective. Run or walk 100 miles at work during a single year. It is that simple.

Our goal is to help your employees experience fitness and TRUE personal success through attainable physical fitness goals. Utilizing our award winning milestone incentives celebrate your employees success throughout their journey to 100 miles.  For only $20 per employee, per year, you can become a part of our national effort to make fitness a way of life for your employees, while reducing stress, increasing company morale and increasing productivity.

Please click below to complete our inquiry form and a 100 Mile Club Team Member will contact you shortly. You can also reach us at 951-340-2290.

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Wisdom Walkers | Senior Groups

You don’t have to be in school to reap the benefits of the 100 Mile Club!

We invite you to register your senior center or group and become 100 Mile Club Wisdom Walkers! Walking for seniors improves heart health, reduces pain, and boosts mental health. The 100 Mile Club Wisdom Walkers offers a low cost to participate and promotes social engagement. It’s a win-win!

Participation is only $10.00 per participant annually (plus any applicable shipping) and includes all incentives to celebrate success as walkers reach each 25 miles on their journey to 100 miles and more!

Our Signature Incentive Package includes:

  • Challenge Accepted ID card
  • Signature MILEstone Tracking T-shirt, earned at 25 miles
  • Golden Pencil, earned at 50 miles
  • Wristband, earned at 75 miles
  • Custom Gold Medal with neckband, when reaching 100 miles or more.

Plus, All participants are recognized with a beautiful End-of-Year Certificate to celebrate their success!

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Adult Program

You don’t have to be in school to reap the benefits of the 100 Mile Club!

The 100 Mile Club Adult program is ideal for those walking by themselves and for small neighborhood groups.. Track your own miles and reward yourself with the signature 100 Mile Club milestone tracking incentives. For only $20 a year you can become a part of our national effort to make fitness a way of life, reversing the inactive trend affecting millions of people!

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