For 27 years, 100 Mile Club has been the elite program leading the effort in the prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation.  We are excited to announce the expansion of our efforts to include programs for adults, businesses, and senior groups.


A Virtual Run for EVERYONE!

Keep the whole family moving and healthy this summer with a virtual run that works for EVERYONE! From June 1st to July 31st, your goal is simple; run or walk 26.2 miles (an entire marathon!) while having fun and earning swag along the way. Whether you’re running at a local park or taking a walk around the block, EVERYONE can crush this virtual run! Want to go further? Run 262 miles, or anything in between! Club262 will work for YOU.summer-swag-pack-2020

We’ve redesigned our swag packs this year to include 262 classics, awesome new additions, and for the first time ever our beautiful virtual run medal is included! We’ve also got a brand new downloadable mile-tracker with running “mile markers” to help celebrate your success with prizes from your swag pack. Here’s the rundown:

  • 5K (3.1 miles) – New 100 Mile Club “Life Skills” Headband
  • 10K (6.2 miles) – Classic Club 262 Iron-on Patch
  • Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) – 100 Mile Club Fidget Spinner
  • Club 262 Finish! (26.2 miles) – Official Club 262 Finisher Sticker and Virtual Run Medal!

Extra Goodies! Register by JUNE 1st to have the most time to move this summer, and we’ll even throw in some bonus goodies with your swag pack! Swag packs are $15 each + shipping and handling.

Our top priority is keeping all kids and their families moving and active through these challenging times. To this end, we are happy to announce our Club 262 mile tracker will be available for FREE as a download starting June 1st. Print one out for everyone in your family and keep moving with us!

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Stay Connected!

Despite our distance, we are all in this together, and will get through this as one. Keep connected on social media with photos and videos of kids and families (just like yours!) staying happy and healthy.

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April/May Activity Calendar

Earn Miles and Keep Moving!

As we continue facing the many challenges of Covid-19, we are offering a new way to keep moving and tracking 100 Mile Club activity. We’re introducing fun and inspiring April and May Activity Calendars, allowing you to keep track of your daily activity and miles completed! To help all participants stay active and healthy, we have provided additional guidelines for remotely completing and reporting miles and mile-equivalents.

You’ve Got Options!

Each DAY, count actual miles earned (preferred) OR time spent on a specified physical activity.

  • Tracking Actual Miles – For those of you able to walk, jog, run, or push (wheelchair) - Yay for you! This continues 100 Mile Club as it is intended. Simply count mile(s) and note on the date earned. You may also continue to use a 26 Day Challenge form if you have registered for this. (Of course, miles will not be double-counted.)
  • Alternate Activities – If you are unable to run/walk actual miles, we have made some adaptations during this unusual time. You may participate in dedicated and intentional physical activities, earn credit for time spent, and count it towards your mileage total. Click on Detailed Instructions below for more information and mile equivalents.

Now, Let’s Add Some Extra Fun!

Each WEEK, there will be a dedicated theme for you to join and enjoy. Follow the theme, dress the part, create some special themed art, and send us photos of what you’re doing to celebrate the weekly theme. We will randomly select a few lucky winners from those who have shared photos each week! Tag us on social media @100mileclub and/or #100mileclub or email your photos or videos to [email protected]We can’t wait to see your creative ideas and sMILES!

Most of all, we want you to stay active, earn some miles, and HAVE A BLAST! Click 'Activity Calendar' below to visit our store and get your FREE download, or click 'Detailed Instructions' for more information, including mile equivalents.

Weekly Themes!

Active in April

  • April 12 – 18: Mix-It-Up Week
    • During the week, mix up what you’re doing. If running or walking, add some skipping or try some of the suggested alternative activities and mile-equivalents.
  • April 19 – 25: Go Green! Spring Fling Week
    • Wear green, plant a garden or tree, reduce, reuse, recycle, and help heal our planet. Remember Earth Day (22nd) and Arbor Day (24th)
  • April 26 - May 2: “Who’s Your Hero?” Week
    • Who’s your favorite Superhero? Do they wear a cape? A stethoscope? A badge? Dress like them, write one a thank you note. Remember Super Hero Day (28th)

Moving in May

  • May 3 – 9 – May the 4th Be With You! Star Wars Week
    • There’s nothing like The Force to get you infinity and beyond!! (Oops, was that another movie??!!)
  • May 10 – 16 – Moms Rock! Week
    • Remember Mother’s Day (10th). Complete activities together with Mom, family, or a special someone in your life. You can even participate together virtually!
  • May 17 – 23 – “I Spy” Week
    • Scavenger Hunt time! I spy. . . some fun things outside and inside! Follow our upcoming Scavenger Hunt lists (to be provided in May).
  • May 24 – 30 – Let’s Remember Week
    • Remember Memorial Day (25thThis is a time to remember those who have sacrificed for us and our nation. Activities to come!

Download and Keep Moving!

100 Mile Club | Adult Program

You don’t have to be in school to reap the benefits of the 100 Mile Club!

“I love that it inspires me to be consistently active and challenges me to do more miles and activities than I thought I could do.”
-Cheryl K. 59

The 100 Mile Club Adult Program is ideal for individuals or small groups looking for a challenge. Whether walking and running is a new hobby or you’re more advanced, it’s easy to begin. Simply create a goal, track your own miles, and reward yourself with 100 Mile Club Elite incentive package.

For only $20 a year you can become a part of our national effort to make fitness a way of life, reversing the epidemic of inactivity affecting millions of people.

In addition, your registration supports a student in our school program. Get healthy, active, and connected...and help a child do the same!

$20 per individual

Registration cost includes all incentives earned plus supports a student in the 100 Mile Club School Program.

(Shipping charges may apply)

“What does being part of the 100 mile club mean to me? Motivation! No more diabetes, no more painful knees, and it's helped me to lose 67lbs and counting. I also love all the incentives and I enjoy seeing all the pictures posted on Facebook of others reaching their goals too.” 
– Yvonne R., 55

Together, we can create Healthy, Happy, Connected Communities… ONE mile at a time.

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Wisdom Walkers | Senior Groups

Staying Mobile, Fit, and Active.

“"Even though I walk daily by myself, I love Wednesdays when the Wisdom Walkers are out in the park getting their miles in. The comradery motivates me to keep moving and crossing paths with fellow members, exchanging smiles or high fives really makes my day!!! Thanks for being a big part of my retirement!"       - Jo T. 64

$10 per individual

Registration cost includes all incentives earned.

(Shipping charges may apply)

We invite you to register your senior center or group and become 100 Mile Club Wisdom Walkers! Walking for seniors improves heart health, reduces pain, and boosts mental health. The 100 Mile Club Wisdom Walkers is a low cost way to participate and promotes social engagement. It’s a win-win!

Participation is only $10.00 per participant annually (plus any applicable shipping) and includes all incentives to celebrate success as walkers reach each 25 miles on their journey to 100 miles and more!

NOTE: For an additional $10.00 per participant, you have the option to support a student in their 100 Mile Club school program. See registration form for more details.

See our Elite Package below:

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