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Our award-winning 100 Mile Club program is designed to improve the health and well-being of children at school through daily physical activity in a noncompetitive, supportive, and fully-inclusive environment. The program presents students with a straightforward challenge: run, jog, or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year. Our program is easy to start, flexible and delivers high-quality physical activity in a fun and challenging way.

Carefully developed over 26 years, 100 Mile Club has been the program leading the effort in the prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation. We are more than just a running program.  We change lives. Improved school readiness to learn, increased motivation, student and family engagement, and the creation of a true Team Spirit that permeates and transforms school culture are evident in our 100 Mile Club Schools.

You can adapt the program to be implemented anytime throughout the school day; during PE, school hours, lunch, recess, and before or after school! Students of all ages and abilities can aim for their highest goals, improve their health and well-being and experience true, personal success.

What makes the 100 Mile Club program easy to implement is the ability to meet the needs of any school, including yours!

100 Mile Club Program Options to Recognize Your Students:

Our Signature Gold Medal Incentive Package (Low-Cost Option)

The Gold Medal option provides your students with the proven 100 Mile Club Signature Milestone Incentive Packages needed to celebrate your students as they work toward reaching their goal of running or walking 100 miles during the school year. Our low-cost Signature Milestone Incentives were carefully developed over 25 years to reinforce the value of your students’ perseverance and to celebrate milestones achieved. They work! ALL milestone incentives are included and cost just $10 per student for the entire school year.

Our Celebration Certificates         (NO-Cost Option)

Our downloadable tools are a no-cost option for your school and students! This is an excellent way to get your school moving immediately and join the national effort to get ALL kids healthy, happy, and connected through the journey to 100 miles. While this option does not include our Signature Incentive Package, you have access to tools such as downloadable Challenge Accepted ID Cards and End-of-Year Certificates. And at any point if you do wish to begin ordering incentives you can do so.

A little bit of both!                           (Hybrid Option)

Our most popular choice, this allows you to utilize a hybrid of both options in any combination to meet the needs of your school. Our #1 goal is to get your kids moving! Many schools start 100 Mile Club using our Incentive Packages in some classrooms, grade levels, or a before or after-school club, while using end-of-year certificates school-wide to celebrate all students moving towards their goals.

The possibilities are endless!

Whether you choose to recognize student MILEstones with our low-cost or no-cost options, our team at 100 Mile Club is here to help you every step of the way.

Our Signature Incentive Package

Since its inception, the 100 Mile Club has motivated and recognized students with a comprehensive set of incentives, uniquely marking milestones at every 25-mile interval.  Our Signature Incentive Packages are all-inclusive, so much fun, and are the highest quality and most cost-effective in the business. Best of all...they work! 100 Mile Club schools are universally connected through our unique, signature t-shirt, MILEstone incentives, and the all-powerful quest toward earning the beautiful and coveted 100 Mile Club® GOLD MEDAL.

Our signature incentive package includes

  • Official 100 Mile Club® CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ID card
  • A unique 100 Mile Club® T-shirt earned at 25 miles
  • Golden Pencil earned at 50 miles
  • Wristband earned at 75 miles
  • Final Year-End Certificate for all participants celebrating their success
  • Custom 100 Mile Club® Gold Medal with neckband, ONLY for those who reach their 100 mile goal (ordered in Spring for year-end Medal Ceremony)

Click Here to learn more about our Signature Incentive Package.

Our Celebration Certificates

100 Mile Club participants can be recognized and celebrated all year long for little to NO cost with our downloadable Celebration Certificates! Whether your school or site uses our Gold Medal Incentive Package or recognize students with our Certificate Path option, any participant can be celebrated as they reach their milestones and when they go ‘above and beyond’.

Our Celebration Certificates Include

  • Final Year-End Certificate – Celebrating the success and achievement for all those participating in the program throughout the year, this certificate is awarded at the end of the school year, no matter the miles earned. (shown above)
  • WOW Certificate – Celebrate those special WOW moments as miles are earned. These are made to use as is OR can fit our fun 25, 50, 75, 100 stickers in the middle of WOW for an extra POW!
  • Extra Mile Certificate – Know someone who has gone the extra mile? Maybe they’ve helped a friend, shown honesty and integrity, or helped out with the program. These wonderful life skill efforts are important and can be recognized, too, with these beautiful certificates.
  • Runner of the Week Certificate – Recognize a special runner or runners each week.
  • Runner of the Month Certificate – Recognize a special runner or runners each month.

All certificates are available as downloads for registered schools in Coaches Corner under Program Resources. In addition, low-cost printed certificates are available for purchase.

Supporting Your Program

The 100 Mile Club® is a free, simple, enjoyable, standards and evidence-based, and highly effective way to assist in the development of physically literate individuals, quality physical education programs, and can serve as a significant part of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP), addressing needs in all component areas.


100 Mile Club is a powerful tool that:

  • contributes to quality physical education and physically literate students,
  • supports ESSA,
  • and is a significant contributor to the effective development and implementation of your schools Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP).

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Standards-based games and activities with 100 Mile Club equivalents are available to all registered coaches in Coaches Corner.

Tools for all Schools

As part of your 100 Mile Club program, you will have access to:

  • Comprehensive Program Guide
  • Program Design Assistance
  • Year-Round Program Support
  • Exclusive Web Portal and Interactive Forums
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletters
  • Useful Downloads and Forms
  • Special Recognition Downloadable Certificates
  • Kick-off and End-of-Year Assembly Support
  • Access to National Regional Community Calendar
  • Quarterly Webinars with 100 Mile Club Founder Kara Lubin
  • Community Events Calendar
  • And Much More!

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