Meet the Bodenhamer Brothers – As Seen On GMA!

These Brothers are Rocking It!!

The Bodenhamer family from Goleta, CA. are making it work. Having been members of the program at La Patera Elementary School in Goleta, they incorporate 100 Mile Club into their weekly workouts featured on Instagram. Go Titus (9), Solomon (8) and Jeremiah (6) . . . and thanks mom and dad!!

From their Instagram workout posts @heartandhamer, to being featured in "What's Your Workout" in the Wall Street Journal, these boys are blowing up! But that's not all, these superstars were just featured on Good Morning America! Take a look below... and keep a close eye out for some other 100 Mile Club kids who joined in the fun!

These brothers are truly leading by example and making it work during virtual learning. Check out one of their fun Instagram videos below and be sure to give them a follow!