-EveryONE Virtual Run-

The 100 Mile Club presents its first ever Virtual Race!

The EveryONE Virtual Run allows you to set your own distance goal, and crush it, while running for a great cause (and a sweet medal)! The 100 Mile Club has been impacting students in their schools, families, and communities for over 25 years with the goal of increasing daily physical activity across the nation. It’s your turn to join in the ONE National Effort to get kids active for life.

Join in the fun of running a race that is convenient, light-hearted, and allows you to dedicate your workout to a great cause.

Run or walk anytime, choose your challenge (5K, 10K, or Half-Marathon) and earn your fantastic medal!

You have the whole month of October to complete your miles, by either running them all in one shot or chipping away at them throughout the month. We will mail out your fancy, finisher’s medal at the end of the race period.

Race proceeds help support and sustain the 100 Mile Club program across the nation. Thanks a bunch!

Come run with us!

Race Period : October 1st to 31st

- $25 -

Register Now!

NOTE: Though the 100 Mile Club® EveryONE Virtual Run may be counted toward a participant's 100 Mile Club goal, it is ultimately the decision of each individual coach/school to honor miles from this SPECIAL Virtual event. We recommend each individual participant be required to (1) show their EveryONE Virtual Run race bib and (2) proof of completion via electronic tracking app such as MapMyRun or Strava for race credit. This Virtual Run is a special, national 100 Mile Club event, and 100 Mile Club does NOT recommend offering credit for other virtual races throughout the year.