Coronavirus Updates

Helpful Options for our Schools, Communities, and Parents


At the 100 Mile Club, our vision statement is Healthy, Happy, Connected Kids®, and we take great pride in having helped realize that vision in our communities across the country for over 27 years. As we continue navigating through our current world situation, we are grateful to be a part of helping to create some normalcy and connection for our students, families and communities.

We’ve created the 26 Day Challenge helping anyone involved to remain active and moving. This challenge is open to anyone and we’d encourage you to share with others in your schools and community. You may register HERE for free.

We are also receiving questions about this school year, medal orders and ceremonies and such. We are currently working on both options and watching daily updates and information as we make plans. Although we feel it would be premature to offer new options as this time, please know we are working hard and will update you as new information and plans are made.

Please read below for the current actions we are taking to ensure the health of our Kids, Schools, and Communities. This page will be updated frequently with any new information or directives we receive from local and national health authorities.

Update 3/26/20:

We currently have closed our national office. However, we do have regular office hours available by phone from 10 am to 2 pm, PDT (951.340.2290). You may also reach out to our email at [email protected]. We are checking message regularly.

Plus, visit us on social media and connect with others who are sharing pictures, ideas and questions. We are in this together!

Update 3/19/20:

We are temporarily reducing our available hours to 10am-2pm (PDT), Monday-Friday. Please call ahead if you would like to visit us in-person at our national office.

If you are trying to reach us outside of these hours, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Update 3/17/20:

At this time, all community meet-ups on our calendar have been cancelled through March 31st. We will be re-evaluating this periodically based on information and direction we receive from local and national health authorities.

We understand that many schools are closed at this time. In an effort to keep students healthy and active, we are introducing our new 26 Day Challenge! This smart, safe exercise keeps kids moving while school is out, and miles may be counted at the discretion of your school's head coach. Click Here to learn more about this FREE program, or download our Press Release.

Schools & Coaches

The following are our recommended actions to ensure the safety of students while still allowing them to exercise regularly and earn miles during this time. As is always the case with the 100 Mile Club, we allow our head coaches to make final decisions on how to implement the program at their site, and respect their decisions on adapting the program for the remainder of this school year.

‘When you have to make adjustments to your 100 Mile Club’ – It’s so doable!!

Every 15-20 minutes of Physical Activity (PA) during school, PE or intentional physical activity (excluding "free play" at recess) can equal one mile. This flexible option, normally used during inclement weather, allows you to bring everything onto the school site, and even into the classroom during the school day, and allow kids to earn miles with appropriate and intentional physical activity throughout their school day. Click this link to view games and activities with mile-equivalents in Coaches Corner, and share them with your teachers. You must be logged in to Coaches Corner to access these Standards-Based Games.

If your 100 Mile Club usually runs before/after school only, move opportunities to earn miles to during the regular school day. Provide opportunities for kids to run at recess and lunch, or take kids out for functional Physical Activity breaks and count miles accordingly.

  • Partner with site PE teachers (or classroom teachers where there is no PE teacher). It's a great time to strike up a positive partnership and grow your program!
  • Ask for permission from your principal or administration to speak at a staff meeting about needs, or to email teachers with your needs. It is a great opportunity to share your passion for 100 Mile Club and loop in interested staff members.
  • Ask your principal/teachers for ideas to keep 100 Mile Club moving forward during this time. We are all in this together and working together as a school will help our students see that we are adaptable and determined to help them achieve their goals!

Avoid “At Home” miles.

  • Allowing kids to run at home is very difficult to document, can get out of hand quickly, and not all kids have access to this option.
  • Check out our blog post to learn more – https://100mileclub.com/privatemiles/

Remember, if your school is cancelled for any length of time, you will probably have make-up days at the end of the year. If cancelled for a longer period of time or if your 100 Mile Club group activities are cancelled, adjustments to your 100 Mile Club program can be made, including extensions for ending your program year and kicking off the new one. What makes 100 Mile Club so special is we are able to adapt to any situation and circumstance.

If you need to discuss what will work best for your school and specific situation, contact us at [email protected] or reach out directly to your regional coordinator.

Community Meet-Ups

At this time, all meet-ups on our Community Calendar have been cancelled through March 31st.

We will update this page periodically with more information about the status of these meet-ups.


100 Mile Club is about getting kids moving and healthy and we are confident that these roadblocks are temporary. If you have questions, please reach out to your school and know that we are always here for you as well at [email protected] or 951.340.2290.