1. After you register, you must click the link we email you to verify your account in order to log in for the first time. This is to prevent unauthorized access and spam on COACHES CORNER.
  2. If you haven't clicked your registration link to verify your account in over a month, we may have deleted your unverified account.  Just register again, no biggie...but don't forget to click the link and login to verify your account.  That is very important!
  3. If your USERNAME is 2 words, place a dash (-) between the words when you log in...even if you didn't register it that way.  EX-  A USERNAME registered as Coach Tibbs would become Coach-Tibbs.  It's a weird computer thing.  :)
  4. Post your questions in the proper forum category.  It makes life great and things are easy to find that way.
  5. Use the SEARCH BAR at the top of the Forum Page. It's awesome!
  6. If you don't see something, ASK.  There is no such thing as a bad question. We are all building this together.
  7. If you know an answer to a question, answer it.  
  8. If you need an answer to a question, ask it.  
If you have any questions about COACHES CORNER...Call us at (951) 340-2290 and ask for BJ, or send her an email at [email protected].  
She can help you get what you need. YAY BJ!

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