100 Mile Club COVID-19 Toolkit

If your school site is still feeling complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, we hear your questions and concerns. Can your 100 Mile Club program continue?

Our answer: YES YOU CAN! 100 Mile Club is “Virtually the Same” and you can make it work, even if your school or your situation looks different! Below, you'll find tools and support to help you through this school year. Our Program Downloads page contains even more materials (login required), including our comprehensive program guide with lessons and ideas that remain true today.

Remember, we are never more than a phone call or email away, and can work with you to discuss your school's unique situation and come up with solutions to keep your kids healthy and active.

Never Stop Running!

Trackers and Spreadsheets

Modified Mile Trackers

Our classic, fun mile trackers, now with parent signature and date fields for added accountability when running from home.

Mileage Log

Easily track miles earned per day. Printable version includes distance, date, and parent initial fields, while our Google Form template adds ways to earn "sMILES" mile equivalents with other fun exercises.

Coach Spreadsheets

Simple spreadsheets to track miles earned for one class or an entire school. Available in excel and google sheets.

Apps for Schools and Families

Mobile apps can be a great way to maintain accurate, precise mile tracking wherever your program takes place. But not every app is created the same! Many apps offer different features designed to fit a wide variety of runners, but some offer key distinctions that make them more suitable for specific uses. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite apps for tracking miles, as well as insights we’ve learned from using each of them, and how they might best fit your specific situation.

Disclaimer: 100 Mile Club is not affiliated with any of the below applications and has no control over their privacy or data usage policies including but not limited to GPS location tracking. As such, we highly recommend reviewing these policies before creating an account for yourself or your student(s).

World Walking

This app can be summed up in one word: FUN! World Walking is more than just a mile tracker; it allows students to go on ‘virtual walks’ anywhere in the world by choosing one of countless destinations in the app. It’s perfect for keeping your class or school connected too, with group walks that emphasize teamwork and perseverance to reach HUGE goals. Create your own group and/or join our 100 Mile Club group and walk with us across the entire country!

If you’re looking for a simple GPS mile tracker, there may be better options on this list. But for a fun, creative way to keep students engaged while running at home, World Walking is a great choice!


A classic mile tracker, Strava has earned its reputation over the years and combines easy to use tracking with more advanced features for those who need them. Walks/runs are all saved and easily viewed later, making it easy to maintain accountability and encourage students to set and beat their personal time/distance goals. Social features are also built in, making it possible to see how others in your class are doing and celebrate their achievements right in the app.

For an easy way to track miles, share progress and keep accountability, Strava has been one of our top recommendations for years, and it continues to deliver a great experience today.


Another very reputable mile tracking app, Runkeeper offers plenty of features and puts extra emphasis on setting, training for, and achieving goals you didn’t think were possible (anyone want to run a 10K?) Plenty of statistics and insights are available to track your progress, and even more are available with a paid subscription. There are basic social features here as well, including the ability to create and join groups, view your friends activity, and more.

While we find Strava a bit more intuitive and straightforward to use, this will come down to your personal preference. Runkeeper does a good job of offering plenty of options and customization to work for a variety of walkers/runners, but some of the more advanced features and training options require a subscription to access.

Track the Miles

A long time partner and advocate for 100 Mile Club, Track the Miles offers a great, contactless way to track miles at school using barcode tags and scanners. Barcodes can be printed at your school, or ordered through their website on PVC ID tags for increased durability. Teachers, students, and coaches can view progress online, including your 100 Mile Club MILEstones! Best of all, it’s been proven and endorsed by countless 100 Mile Club schools over the years, and continues to improve with new features and updates to make your mile tracking as simple and seamless as possible.

This option has worked great for our schools utilizing it in the past, and the ability to have contactless mile tracking makes it an even more valuable platform today. For our larger schools, their fixed yearly subscription is a great value and allows you to track up to 2000 students.

Active4me Run Club

Another easy, contactless way to track miles at school, Run Club uses barcodes given to each student to scan and track laps with just your phone or tablet! Barcodes can be printed at your school, or ordered through their website. Once laps are scanned they can be uploaded for detailed metrics and insights on a computer, as well as giving each student access to their individual miles and progress. Run Club offers a 30-day free trial, and a full year subscription typically costs less than $1/student.

How to Stay Connected with your 100 Mile Club® Members

Communicating with students and families online and through social media is a great way to stay connected. You can use support already in place at 100 Mile Club, use what your school is using or create your own accounts for your program. Our top suggestions will help you get started!

100 Mile Club Facebook Pages

Join us on Facebook, hear from others, share your thoughts and ask questions. This is done in several ways: 100 Mile Club Facebook Page – hosted by the 100 MC national office and open to all; 100 Mile Club Coaches & Staff – a private FB group hosted by 100 MC national office, just for our coaches at registered schools; and special groups (Club262, Run4Kids, etc.).

Facebook Group

Create your own for your program! Facebook Group is a feature you can use to communicate program announcements, MILEstone celebrations, events and much more. Members can be invited or request to join the group. You can choose the best privacy setting that fits with your campus policy. The two privacy options are Public and Private. A Public group will allow anyone to see your members and post. A Private setting ONLY allows for accepted members to see posts and group members. Learn more about groups and privacy options here.


Staying in touch just got easier. GroupMe is a free messaging app. This app is a quick and easy way to send updates to your families fast. You can download the GroupMe app from the App Store, Play Store and Windows Phone Store. If you’re on a desktop, you can use the web version of GroupMe instead.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom, used by many schools during remote learning, has a great feature called Stream. This option allows for you to post announcements and link 100 Mile Club videos and forms, giving you direct communication with your 100 Mile Club families. You can stay connected all year long! For a quick video on how to use Stream in Google Classroom, click here.


However, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! If your campus and district are using ClassDojo to communicate with your students and parents, Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Create a 100 Mile Club group in ClassDojo to communicate with your participating students and families.

Note: PLEASE!! For all of the options above, check with your school admin and district policy FIRST before creating a communication account for your 100 Mile Club® Program.

Accommodating and Modifying Miles for All

For MOST kids, 100 miles works perfectly: Three miles a week...not too easy, not too hard. For some; however, there needs to be some adjustment and that’s ok. Sometimes, the balance between challenging and attainable must be adjusted to help certain participants achieve TRUE personal success. For this reason, we have developed guidelines for adapting and modifying 100 Mile Club to meet the needs of ALL participants. From the tiniest preschool feet, to individuals with disabilities, we have ways of creating a love of movement that will last a lifetime. There are as many modifications as there are disabilities, and every single individual is different!

For more information about adapting miles, making use of “What’s My Miles?”, “What’s My Goal”, please refer to Chapter 8 in the Program Guide.


Counting Miles with Alternate Activities

Should there be a situation when walking, running or hiking are not an option, in our coach resources you can find a whole section on Standards-based games and Activities. These are meant to be a playful addition to or alternative to running laps when (1) the weather is not cooperating, (2) you are stuck in a small space, or (3) when you just want to spice things up a bit. They are highly effective in engaging all students and score high on the fun factor, as well!

Think of these games and activities as sprinkling salt on a delicious meal: Only use it if you need it and too much is never a good thing. PLEASE use these only as a supplement to running, rolling/pushing (wheelchair), and walking. We prefer actual miles earned when possible!

As a reminder, the general rule for alternate miles earned is 5 minutes =1/4 mile, 20 minutes = 1 mile.


Developing Integrity and Honesty

Some of the most valuable and life-changing learning experiences in the 100 Mile Club occur when a student is challenged by his own sense of what is right and wrong. Many of our Coaches are faced with the challenge of how to know if students are honestly earning their miles remotely. In the Program Guide (Chapter 9), we have highlighted several different scenarios of cheating, excuses and how you can address these situations.

Kids know when you care and they really do love being held to a high standard. This is the same with 100 Mile Club. Some kids just have to test the waters. Hold fast to your standards, while providing the love and support necessary for a child to feel true personal success. They’ll figure it out and so will you. The fact that you are allowing your students to experience this 100 Mile Club journey means that you “get it”. Trust yourself and refer to your Pyramid of Success when you get confused about what to do. It works every time.