Getting Started

If we have not presented The 100 Mile Club® Project to your district, staff, or administrator, this is one of your first steps. Please feel free to call our 100 Mile Club® Headquarters at 951-340-2290 or contact us right here. We can chat and/or set a date to present the 100 Mile Club® Project to your staff/administration/office/family/group. 
(Don’t worry. We are real people who will answer the phone with a smile! 🙂

ARE YOU READY TO MOVE? Here’s what to do now:

[mls_h2]STEP 1.  Register your school or group.[/mls_h2]  Click here to download the form. You dont have to give us anything at this point.  This is like RSVP-ing to a party. We will put you and your coaches on our email list so you will become part of our 100 Mile Club® Family, get and stay in the loop, receive passwords for Head Coach Pages, and SO much more!

[mls_h2]STEP 2.  Schedule an optional schoolwide kickoff and/or staff meeting/training.[/mls_h2]

We can do a whole school kickoff, staff meeting, parent meeting, training, or all of the above.  We will do what we need to do to get you movin”!

[mls_h2]STEP 3. Order a few incentive packages to get you started[/mls_h2].  We recommend 5-10 of each of the more common sizes.  You want to have a bit of stock on-hand when your first runners hit their 25th mile.

[mls_h2]STEP 4. Visit our HEAD COACH Page for useful downloads and information to make your 100 Mile Club® incredible![/mls_h2]


[mls_h1]Participation Costs[/mls_h1]

[mls_h3]The 100 Mile Club® Incentive Package: $10/participant/year[/mls_h3]


~Official 100 Mile Club® CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ID card
~ 100 Mile Club® T-shirt & downloadable note (25 miles)
~ Golden Pencil (50 miles)
~ Wristband (75 miles)
~ Final Certificate for Medal Ceremony*
~ Medal with neckband (ONLY for participants who reach their 100-mile goal).*

*Medals are delivered in Spring for every registered participant.  ONLY participants who cross their 100-mile goal will receive a medal. 

[mls_h3] Teacher Material Package: $15[/mls_h3]


~Classroom Wall & Incentive Charts (2/teacher)
~ Lap Sticks (250+ teacher)
~ 1 Copy of Getting Started by Kara Lubin (Start Up Guid with Tips, Hints & Tools for Success)
Includes black-line masters for punch-cards, recordkeeping, and sample parent letters.

For 2012-13, the tee shirt color is Lime with Navy!!
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Kara Lubin
Kara Lubin