Kara Lubin

Kara Lubin

100 Mile Club® & Fuel Up to Play 60 Team Up for Success

How can you amplify the success of your school wellness program?  Partner it with another winner! Cascade Christian School in Frederickson, WA, is a shining example of how the parallel goals of 100 Mile Club® a school-based walk/run program, and Fuel Up to Play 60, an in-school physical activity and nutrition program, were met – by collaboration of the programs’ leaders.  Inspiring Quality Activity with the 100 Mile Club® Stephanie Kelso, a former teacher aide and recess duty teacher, who now works in the office at Cascade, has a passion for fitness.  A triathlete and former competitive swimmer, Stephanie knows firsthand the importance of physical activity.  In January 2012, she volunteered to head up 100 Mile Club at Cascade – a program that presents elementary school students with a straightforward challenge: run, jog or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year. It’s a big mark to hit but students of all abilities jump at the chance to score miles during designated running times before or after school, during recess and at sanctioned community events, such as local road races and family nights. Wildly popular with students and educators alike, the 100 Mile Club is in 200 schools nationwide and was one of two programs named a National Winner in the 2012 Active Schools Acceleration Project Physical Activity Innovation Competition. Read more… ChildObesity180’s Active Schools Acceleration Project is providing $1,000 grants to schools that want to implement the 100 Mile Club.   To learn more, click here. Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60 are available to schools that want to make healthy eating and physical activity improvements.  To learn more, click here.       

Active Schools (ASAP) Grant Opportunity

BREAKING NEWS: $1 MILLION in ASAP Acceleration Grants Now Available Start The 100 Mile Club® at YOUR school in 2013!! CHAMPIONS WANTED!! The Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP) Acceleration Grant Program is now giving schools across America the resources they need – seed funding, training, and support – to begin 100 Mile Clubs across the country!  $1,000,000 for 1,000 schools! Research demonstrates that physically active kids do better academically and behaviorally, and schools are a great place for boosting children’s physical activity. Teachers, parents, coaches and other school wellness “champions” who are ready to take a leadership role in bringing physical activity to their school are encouraged to apply for an ASAP Acceleration Grant. Applications will be accepted through April 22, 2013. For more information, visit www.ActiveSchoolsASAP.org. To learn more about 100 MILE CLUB, explore program options, or to read about the grant process, visit http://www.activeschoolsasap.org/acceleration-grants/100-mile-club We encourage you to share this exciting opportunity withcolleagues, administrators, friends, and family. If you are still confused, visit their awesome FAQ page. It really helps. (or you just can call us at 951-340-2290…we will do our best to assist you.)

100 Mile Club® & Run for Tomorrow

  The 100 Mile Club® is thrilled to announce it has signed an exciting partnership with an INCREDIBLE endeavor,  Canada-based Run for Tomorrow (R4T).  R4T is a non-stop relay-style run around the world by a 10-person team of experienced marathon runners representing seven different countries. Each member of the team runs a marathon distance and passes the baton to the next runner. Through more than 30 countries and for 200 days, the baton never stops moving. The team will cover approximately 120 miles each day in support of affiliated charities.  100 Mile Club® is now one of R4T’s partner charities and we couldn’t be more thrilled!   The team will cover approximately 120 miles each day as the runners continuously pass the ‘Commitment Scroll’ to one another (through night and day…NONSTOP).  The Commitment Scroll will list the names of people who either have committed money to the R4T goal or have committed volunteer time to provide support to one of our affiliated charities.  As it continues through different locations around the world, the core team will raise awareness of the R4T cause and mobilize activities in various individuals and organizations.   When people sign the Commitment Scroll they also make a public commitment to do a physical activity of their choice, the goal of which is to improve their own health and wellbeing. R4T also has a ‘Virtual Commitment Scroll’ – people sign-on to the scroll on this R4T website, state their level of commitment to their own health, and the extent to which they will support the respective charities.   R4T will be visiting The 100 Mile Club® schools as well as spreading the core messages of, and information about, the 100 Mile Club® around the world. The 100 Mile Club® is one of the charities that people will be able to support through Run for Tomorrow. […]

Celebrating that 100th Mile

Don’t ignore that 100th mile just because you are waiting to give out medals! These little things give your program personality and unique flair while still holding to the true mission and vision of 100 Mile Club®. If you need to read this, you rock! What a great accomplishment!! Your school rocks and so do you! You must be a fabulous coach to have students so motivated and wanting to reach new heights! You can do any or all of the following things to recognize your student and still keep with our mission and vision… 1. Send in a digital picture and a little story about him. We will feature him in our upcoming newsletter. We do that often. 🙂 2. Put a special mark on his tee. Make sure that you check the 100 box, but then do something special. (At McKinley, birthplace of 100 Mile Club®, we had TONS of kids hitting 100 early. We would glue a diamond on the back collar of the shirt, and if they hit 200, we’d put another one on, and so on, and so on…). You can get those at www.crystalz.com. The kids LOVE it!! 3.  Take a special photo. This, too, can be done VERY inexpensively.  One amazing school simply covered a piece of cardboard with butcher paper and created a BIG GLITTER “100” on it (see picture). 4. Announce his name at an upcoming assembly. It doesn’t have to be anything huge…just a mention and a cheer. 5. Add more Boxes!  Our schools and kids do this all the time! Some kids are just getting started at 100 miles, so they add their goal on their backs…for all to see! Looking at the phot below, this young runner went 225 miles last year! WOW! 4. Do a special cheer […]

National Winners!

LOCAL NON PROFIT HAS BEEN NAMED WINNER OF A NATIONAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY CONTEST The 100 Mile Club Named National Winner! The 100 Mile Club® was one of two organizations named national winner of The Active Schools Acceleration Project (An Innovation Competition funded by a consortium of the nation’s leading health plans) which identified and rewarded the most creative, impactful, and scalable school-based programs and technologies to promote children’s physical activity. With the encouragement of First Lady Michelle Obama, the Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP), a ChildObesity180 initiative, launched the competition in a commitment with the Partnership for a Healthier America. The 100 Mile Club is a simple, innovative, sustainable program improving the quality of life for kids and the entire family. The goal is simple, run or walk 100 miles in a school year. Simple and easy to implement, the program addresses the issue of childhood obesity and inactivity in communities throughout the Inland Empire and beyond. Today the program has expanded to senior communities, group homes for adult with disabilities, businesses and most recent to 29 Palms where service men and women are staying connected with their children. Each year a t-shirt color is selected by participants and used a milestone marker. Whether in Japan, Arkansas or Riverside, The 100 Mile Club® brings commonality to all its participants.

100 Mile Club Award

[mls_h1]Corona-Norco’s “100 Mile Club” wins $100,000 innovation grant[/mls_h1]  WASHINGTON, D.C., June 13, 2012 – ChildObesity180 announced Corona-Norco’s 100 Mile Club is one of two national school programs to win $100,000 to further advance health and wellness programming within their school districts. The competition was designed to identify and reward the most creative, impactful, and scalable school-based programs and technologies to promote children’s physical activity. With the encouragement of First Lady Michelle Obama via a video message, the Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP), a ChildObesity180 initiative, launched the competition in February 2012 in a commitment with the Partnership for a Healthier America. The national winners were selected from a pool of nine regional “School Programs” category winners, which will receive $25,000 grants. A panel of experts representing various fields judged the entries. Among the many schools nationwide employing running and walking programs, ChildObesity180 calls the 100 Mile Club “a true pioneer.” Inspired by the 1992 Summer Olympics, special education teacher Kara Lubin had a dream that kids would be motivated to stay fit by the simple goal of “winning the gold medal.” These medals, based on dedication and effort – not speed and fitness – could reward students of all abilities, including Lubin’s special education students. Lubin took action and founded the 100 Mile Club in 1993. Elementary school students are presented with a straightforward challenge of running miles over the course of the school year. Students log miles before school, after school, during recess, and at sanctioned community events. Milestones are rewarded with simple tokens – wristbands, pencils, and medals. A year-end assembly celebrates and recognizes students who have achieved 100 miles, and those still with miles to go. The program is highly scalable and with Lubin’s help, is now in place in more than 115 schools across eight U.S. […]

Runner’s World Article

We are very excited to share  The 100 Mile Club® featured article in the January 2013 issue of Runner’s World Magazine.  Click here to read the full article    

Our Program

[mls_h2]Start 2013 on the right foot! Our programs are designed to support people of all ages.[/mls_h2] [mls_gallery id=”44″ cols=”3″ g_title=”off” g_subtitle=”off” title=”on” subtitle=”on” desc=”on”] [mls_h1]OUR PROGRAM[/mls_h1] [mls_h2]Our program is simple. Run or walk 100 miles at school. The program runs the course of one school year. [/mls_h2] Activities begin with a thorough analysis of each new school. Founder Kara Lubin uses this information to develop a realistic plan for each school site helping you put the program into action. [mls_h2]Whether you’re a local school or across the country we are here to help you from beginning to end.[/mls_h2] Teachers learn how to manage the program and are provided all the necessary tools needed to carry out the program for the school year helping their students reach their individual schools. Many schools do not have running tracks and fields become their way to log miles. Together we can ensure a safe path is provided for the students. [mls_h2]By walking or running daily or few times a week students learn first-hand the benefits of exercise and begin to look forward to reaching their individual goals.[/mls_h2] Each school is provided support throughout the year with helpful suggestions and instructions to implement the program from beginning to end. Through interactive media tools we stay connected helping make The 100 Mile Club® run smoothly and positively. [mls_h2]We take the struggle out of starting a physical fitness program by providing a clear mission, vision, philosophy and set of incentives that can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time.[/mls_h2] On-going support and staying connected is important to ensure school participation will be carried out for the entirety of the school year. On-site training introduces administrators, teachers and PTA to 100 Mile Club principles and workings through team-building assemblies. District wide trainings are provided as needed. For schools out of […]