Our Team

Meet Our Team

Annie Bradberry has 25 years’ experience working in the non-profit sector and joined the 100 Mile Club® as Executive Director in February 2011. Early in her career, Annie served as the Executive Director of The National Stuttering Association (NSA), a non-profit organization that provides support and education to children and adults who stutter. As a person who stutters, Annie is still involved with the NSA providing in-service trainings as well as presenting workshops. Annie serves on the Self Help and Advocacy committee for the International Stuttering Association and is currently the chair of the International Stuttering Association continuing her passion for the stuttering community. In the last decade, Annie has worked in her home town dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of Corona where she has lived with her husband Bob for 29 years.

B.J. Walker lives in Corona, Ca. with her husband Glade Walker and their twin sons Braden and Macade, while their oldest son Jared is in the Dominican Republic. BJ is a licensed clinical social worker by degree, but ‘retired’ from this field while raising her children.  She has been involved with many of their programs at school and beyond, including PTA, band booster club, church youth organizations and 100 Mile Club.  She has worked with non-profit organizations since 1982, both as an employee and a volunteer, including serving on several boards.  She has enjoyed being back in the work force with the 100 Mile Club and looks forward to the daily adventures it brings.  She enjoys art, metal work and traveling with her family.

Paula Bences kicked off her nonprofit career in 2015.  She spent several years in sales and marketing and has a passion for property management and public relations which she earned a degree in 1989.  She’s excited to be bringing her knowledge and experience to the 100 Mile Club.  When she’s not in the office,   Paula loves cooking for her family and enjoys going to the Southern California beaches and celebrating life.

Jeffrey Dale joined the 100 Mile Club team in August of 2015. With a degree in computer science he serves primarily as the IT manager, though his role has expanded over the years to include graphic design, product development, multimedia production and more. Working remotely from Colorado, Jeffrey enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and photography in the mountains.

Michelle Toulmin, first joined 100 Mile Club in 2014 as a volunteer Coach at her daughters school. She officially joined the team as the Regional Coordinator for Orange County in 2016. She is a wife and mother to two beautiful girls who are passionate about the 100 Mile Club. Michelle loves to travel, she is from South Africa,  has lived in Dubai, Paris and for the past 15 years lived in California.

Karina Villaseñor, lives in Perris, CA with her husband Jaime Villaseñor and their two sons Ethan and Leonardo. Karina is an Original 100 Mile Club alumni 94’-96’ and now a proud 100 Mile Club parent. She has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from California Baptist University. As a Program Specialist for 100 Mile Club she is passionate about supporting 100 Mile Club schools, their families and the community. In her free time, she enjoys drinking lots of COFFEE, family hikes/outdoor activities, and watching movies.

Meet Our Founder

Kara Lubin is a 4th generation public school teacher. An 18-year veteran teacher and special education specialist, Kara founded the 100 Mile Club® in 1992 with the dream of helping all students find success.  Read more of Kara’s story here.

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