100 miles. 28 cities. 3 counties.

50 Miles. 11 cities. 2 counties.

ONE cause.

The 2019 Saddle2Surf 100/50 Mile Run began in 2010 as the 100 Mile Endurance Challenge, a race to support the mission of the 100 Mile Club. Since then, it took a little break, went through a few course changes and has reemerged as the Saddle2Surf 100/50.

Back with a new name and slightly new route and carrying the same mission, vision, and spirit as always, this run is dedicated to supporting and promoting the 100 Mile Club, and helping the next generation of runners become Healthy, Happy, and Connected...one mile at a time.

This is an old-school 100 mile, point-to-point urban 100-mile run. And it is all for our kids.

The challenge? On October 19th, 2019, run 100 miles from Norco to the Santa Monica Pier, or 50 miles from Norco to Huntington Beach. Either way your run will begin in Norco, CA (AKA Horsetown USA) and finish right on the beautiful California coast. On this run, you will experience the beauty and the beast that is Southern California.

Running for a reason is cool. Join us. ❤️

Saddle2Surf 100/50 is open to 100 incredible runners

and is a proud partner of the The Southern California UltraRunner's Grand Prix Series



 Event Sponsors

Sponsorships available starting at $100. Please email [email protected] if you are interested. Sponsorship includes logo placement on this year's Saddle2Surf tee (if sponsorship received by September 30), social media shoutouts (FB, Insta, Twitter), and logo placement here for one year! Ready to donate?















Product Sponsors 

If you or your company are interested in donating product for our runners, please reach out to [email protected] We would need a minimum of 100 pieces for runner "goodie bags". Upon approval, your logo will be placed here for the year. Thank you in advance for thinking of our runners at S2S100/50 and supporting 100 Mile Club!









The purpose of the Saddle2Surf 100/50 is to celebrate and raise funds for and awareness of the 100 Mile Club®, a 501c3 charity dedicated to helping the next generation of runners become Healthy, Happy, and Connected...one mile at a time. 100% of proceeds  will support free school programs and student incentive package sponsorships. You will run through the very neighborhoods where our 100 Mile Club schools and students reside. Students who join 100 Mile Club accept the challenge of running (or walking) 100 miles at school during a single school year. The 100MileClub® has grown to serve over 1.2 million individuals in pre-K through 12th grade in over 4,000 schools in all 50 states and several international locations as well.

More information about the 100MileClub can be found at http://www.100mileclub.com

This is an old-school, crew-supported, 100 or 50 mile, point-to-point urban run. And it is all for our kids.

ALL RUNNERS will be expected to FUNDrace a MINIMUM of $100 for the 100 Mile Club charity. The top FUNDracer will receive a coveted and handmade quilt made by Dorothy Lubin, Kara Lubin's awesome mom.

Saddle2Surf is a 100% crew-supported run. No fancy-pants aid stations. No drop bags. No road closures. Minimal course marking. Just you, your crew, and 6 enthusiastic TIME STATIONS. At each time station, you will receive a bracelet and your time will be captured and recorded.

All registered runners will receive a custom tee and a goodie bag at check-in. If you or someone you know would like to add cool stuff to these goodie bags, PLEASE have them reach out to us at [email protected].

100 Mile Run: All runners who finish the course in 30 hours or less will receive a custom S2S100 belt buckle. Special buckles for runners who complete the course in 24 hours or less will be awarded.

50 Mile Run: All runners who finish 50 miles in 15 hours or less will receive a custom S2S50 medal.

NOTE: If you want to run fast, that's totally cool. There is a new course record to be set at this event, but there will be much more fun and life at the FINISH LINE after the sun comes up. It is Santa Monica after all!

Enjoy the run. Enjoy the views. Follow the rules. Run hard. Be nice. Take care of each other. FUNDrace your heart out, create a team that will help you achieve your goal...and finish TOGETHER!

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What?  Saddle to Surf 100/50 | An Urban Ultramarathon in Support of 100 Mile Club


  • START: 100 Mile Club HQ, 2191 Fifth Street, Suite 211, Norco, CA 92860 (map)
  • 50 MILE FINISH: Huntington Beach, CA (map)
  • 100 MILE FINISH: Santa Monica Pier (map)

When?  October 19-20, 2019, 7:00AM

There is a 30-hour cutoff for the 100-mile run, and a 15-hour cutoff for the 50 mile-run.

Why? This race is hosted by 100 Mile Club Board Members and Volunteers in support of the 100 Mile Club School-based program and student sponsorships. 100% of the proceeds from S2S100/50 go directly to the 100 Mile Club charity to support efforts to fight childhood inactivity and obesity and encourage children to seek out their personal best in school, at home, on the field, and in life.

This race is open to 100 total runners. A wait list will form if the need arises.

There are no refunds.

Saddle2Surf 100/50 registration is a Two-Step Process: REGISTRATION + FUNDracing

  • 100 Mile Run: $200 + minimum of $100 fundraising commitment in support of 100 Mile Club.
  • 50 Mile Run: $100 + minimum of $100 fundraising commitment in support of 100 Mile Club.

(STEP 1) Register on ULTRASIGNUP. Once your registration on Ultrasignup is complete, you will receive a link via email to Complete step 2, or simply click the Crowdrise link below and "JOIN THE TEAM".

(STEP 2) Set up your personal Saddle2Surf FUNDracing Page at Crowdrise. All runners must commit to fundRacing a minimum of $100 for the 100 Mile Club® via our dedicated FundRACING page on Crowdrise.

Don't worry, we make fundraising easy and fun! We have set up a Crowdrise page for you to join, tell your story, and share. We will celebrate your efforts every step of the way!

Oh! ...and we have SUPER special awards and incentives for epic FundRacing efforts. More on this later!


The route for this run begins in Norco, CA at 100 Mile Club HQ (map) and finishes at the Santa Monica Pier (map). The actual course is subject to change due to road closures, construction, and other variables. It is our goal to keep this route as consistent as possible and communicate changes as they arise. Because this event is held in urban areas across Southern California, it is imperative that you confidently learn the course prior to the race. Any course markings placed on the course WILL be tampered with, removed, and altered beyond our control, so you and your crew are your best assets. LEARN THE COURSE.

The course linked here shows 99.1 miles. It does NOT include the mile(ish) that must be run at Prado View Elementary School (approximately mile 14), the first TIME STATION of the run.



Here we will post each segment, from mile zero to mile 100, with breaks at each . We will add these as TIME STATIONS are confirmed.

Segment 1: The 100 Mile Club HQ to Prado View Elementary School | 15ish miles RED WRISTBAND

The first 14 miles:

Prado View Mile (very technical! 🙂)

Segment 2: Prado View ES to Bike Trail Rendezvous | 15ish Miles ORANGE WRISTBAND




__________MILE 50 __________


Segment 4:  Huntington Beach (50 Mile FINISH LINE) to Belmont Shore | 12-ISH MILES GREEN WRISTBAND


Segment 5:  Belmont Shore to Wilmington (Denny's) | 12ISH MILES BLUE WRISTBAND


Segment 6: Wilmington (Denny's) to Manhattan Beach Pier PURPLE WRISTBAND


Segment 7: Manhattan Beach Pier to Santa Monica Pier (FINISH LINE!) WHITE WRISTBAND


At mile 14, your first TIME STATION awaits, but first, 100 Mile Club Kids await! You must enter the gate at Prado View Elementary School and run a mile with some very excited 100 Mile Club Kids who will have been waiting for you all morning! You'll gather the appropriate number of "sticks" to equal your mile/s, and turn them in for your first S2S bracelet. Then, off you go to Checkpoint #2!

The Prado View Mile on Map My Run

The Prado View Mile on Map My Run



This race is held on UNCLOSED city streets. You must follow all safety regulations and laws. Violations of the rules outlined below will result first in a warning with a 1-hour penalty for the first infraction, and immediate disqualification on the second infraction.

This race feels like you are going for a little run...in every neighborhood in SoCal. Please remember, you are representing an event and an organization out there. Your behavior reflects on all of us, positive or negative, so...Run hard. Be nice. And have fun!

  1. TIME CUT OFFS: There is a 30-hour time limit for this run. Cutoffs are generous but firm. Runners who do not meet the cutoffs below must withdraw from the race course, as must any runner who is disqualified from the race. These such runners may not continue on the course "unofficially" or after removing their bib number. Crew members must also depart the course, unless they formally join another runner's crew. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a permanent ban from future events. These miles are "ish" miles, meaning they not be exactly perfect. This is not the Olympics. :)
  2. Saddle2Surf TIME STATION Bracelets: At each TIME STATION, you will have your number and time recorded and will receive a colored bracelet. You must make yourself known at EACH Station...Do NOT just run through a station and assume that the volunteers see you. Have crew notify volunteers that you are coming shortly, or help draw attention to your arrival. This is especially important during QUIET NIGHTTIME HOURS in populated areas (6:15PM-7:00AM)
    1. START LINE/CHECK IN: Mile 0, 100 Mile Club HQ: 7:00AM (0 Hour) WHITE WRISTBAND
    2. Mile 15, Prado View ES: 11:30 AM (4.5 hours) RED WRISTBAND | SEGMENT/TIME STATION 1
    3. Mile 30, Anaheim, Circle K/Chevron/Bike Trail Rendezvous: 4:00PM (9 hours) ORANGE WRISTBAND | SEGMENT/TIME STATION 2
    4. Mile 50, Huntington Beach: 10:00PM Saturday, October 19 (15 hours)  YELLOW WRISTBAND | SEGMENT/TIME STATION 3
    5. Mile 62, Belmont Shore: 1:36AM, Sunday, October 20 (18 hours, 36 mins)  GREEN WRISTBAND | SEGMENT/TIME STATION 4
    6. Mile 73.5, Wilmington (Denny's): 5:03AM Sunday, October 20 (22 hours, 3 mins) BLUE WRISTBAND | SEGMENT/TIME STATION 5
    7. Mile 88, Manhattan Beach Pier: 9:24AM Sunday, October 20 (26 hours, 24 mins) PURPLE WRISTBAND | SEGMENT/TIME STATION 6
    8. Mile 100 (100.85), Santa Monica Pier: 1:30PM Sunday, October 20 (30 hours) WHITE WRISTBAND | SEGMENT/TIME STATION 7
    9. Your bib number must be worn on the front of your body and visible at all times. No bibs on your head or hat. Pacer bib numbers must be worn by any pacer/crew who is running with his/her racer. Racer and Pacer bib numbers will be provided at Check-In.
  3. Both the 100 mile and 50 mile runs will begin at the same time, 7:00AM SHARP! on October 19, 2019.
  4. Runners must attend the pre-race meeting the morning of or the night before the run.
  5. Friday Night  (10-18-19) - 6:00 OR 7:30 PM
  6. Saturday Morning (10-19-19)  - 6:00AM
  7. The run will begin at 7:00 am SHARP on October 19, 2019 at the 100 Mile Club HQ in Norco, CA.
  8. Nighttime hours: 6:15PM-7:00AM. Nighttime Hours are designated QUIET TIMES. Be courteous and respectful of the communities we run in. NO honking, yelling, cowbells, etc during nighttime hours.
  9. All running must be single-file while on highways/roads. Runners must not run abreast with other runners or with pacers. Pacers may not run in front of race entrants at any time.
  10. All runners and their crew/pacers must wear 360-reflective material (vest preferred) and a headlamp at night. You must bring your items when checking-in for approval.
  11. All runners and their crew/pacers must carry a mobile phone. Make sure your phone is fully charged the night before and that it is turned ON for the entire duration of the race. You may want to invest in an external battery.
  12. It is highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended that runners must not run alone at night. If you become separated from your pacer and are alone at night for whatever reason, alert your crew immediately.
  13. If you leave the course, you must return to the exact spot where you left.
  14. All runners are expected to complete every step of the designated course. Anyone caught skipping or cutting portions of the course will be disqualified.
  15. Runners/Crew/Pacers may not use illegal drugs, stimulants, or alcohol of any kind, during the race or at any official race events or activities.
  16. Dropping from race. If you intend to drop mid-race or in between TIME STATIONS, you must notify the RDs IMMEDIATELY via call or text (preferred) RD Phone Numbers: 951-258-7329 or 714-206-8639
  17. All Emergency Evacuation costs for runners or crew member/paces will be borne by that person or their heirs. The race organizers are in no way liable or responsible for emergency evacuation.
  18. 30 hours, no pausing. Once this run begins, the clock begins running for 30 hours and it does not pause for any reason. All runners must abandon the course or remove bib numbers after the 30-hour cutoff.
  19. IMPORTANT!! Runners MUST make their presence known at EVERY TIME STATION and receive their bracelet to be able to continue.
  20. Runners, crew, staff, and volunteers must not litter, mar, or otherwise pollute the landscape, or environment anywhere along the course. The goal? Leave it better than you found it.
  21. Run hard. Be nice. All runners, crew, staff and volunteers must conduct themselves with the utmost decorum for the duration of this event. Courtesy, kindness, decorum, sportsmanship, and team spirit are not only important...they are EXPECTED. We are supporting and representing 100 Mile Club out there from beginning to end.
  1. “100 Mile Club®” and its accompanying logo are federally registered trademarks and may not used in any manner. In particular, t-shirts (such as for crew members) may not state “100 Mile Club” or feature any version of the organization logo.
  2. All runners must be a minimum of 19 years in age.
  3. All runners must follow and complete the entire application and entry process, filling out all forms and paying all necessary entry fees and fulfilling fundRACING requirements.
  4. Each runner’s Support Crew must have a designated “Crew Chief” and his or her name and email address must be provided to event organizers by  SEPTEMBER 30, 2019. All crew chiefs must study all race rules and information about supporting a runner and organizing and overseeing a support team, as well as study all email correspondence sent by the race organizers.
  5. Each Crew Chief is to be primarily responsible for managing the support crew, maintaining adherence to all event rules, state and local laws, and common sense, as well as overseeing the Health and Safety of all crew members and their runner at all times.
  6. The names and email addresses of all support crew members must be provided by September 30, 2019. All crew members must study all event rules and information about supporting a runner and organizing a support team, as well as study all email correspondence sent by event organizers.
  7. Each runner is strongly encouraged to bring at least one crew member or Crew Chief who is a veteran runner, crew member, or Crew Chief with point-to-point ultramarathon experience.
  8. Each racer is strongly encouraged to carry a walkie-talkie for communicating with his or her support crew.
  9. All runners and all crew members must sign and submit the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability / Release of Name and Likeness. Each runner must also submit the properly completed Check-In Form.
  10. All runner support vehicles must meet the minimum requirements of property damage and personal injury liability automobile insurance for the State of California.
  11. All vehicle drivers must be fully licensed.
  12. All runners and all designated Crew Chiefs must attend Runner Check-In, while all crew members are encouraged to attend. Additionally, all runners and their designated Crew Chiefs ONLY must attend the Pre-Race Meeting.
  13. Runners and/or their Crew Chiefs who do not complete the scheduled check-in and attend the Pre-Race Meeting will not be allowed to participate. Attendance is mandatory: no exceptions will be made.
  14. During Runner Check-In, all entrants must display a minimum of two running-style reflective vests – which will be worn and utilized by the racer and pacer (if a pacer is used) during nighttime periods of the race – and eight blinking red lights for racers, pacers, and crew members to wear at night.
  15. Runners without satisfactory quality, or quantity, nighttime safety equipment will be required to purchase additional gear before being cleared to begin the run.
  1. Every inch of the course must be traveled by each runner. In the event of a routing error, e.g., wrong turn, the runner may be driven back to the exact original spot where he/she left the course and continue running from that location. There will be no allowance made for lost time or miles run in the wrong direction.
  2. If a runner needs to leave the course via motor vehicle, his/her crew must physically mark the exact location with a numbered stake/flag in the ground. This numbered stake must be visible from the road in both directions. The runner must then resume the race from the same place that he/she left it. Runners may only leave or otherwise drive up or down the course via motor vehicle for medical attention, NOT simply to rest. This must be reported as soon as possible to Race Directors or the nearest time station. Runners found in a moving motor vehicle will be disqualified unless they are en route to or from medical care. Focus must be kept on the timely completion of the course.
  3. If a runner withdraws, he/she or his/her crew must contact Event Directors. Name, bib #, reason for withdrawal, time of withdrawal, and miles completed must be stated. All racers and crew who withdraw from the race are encouraged to come to the finish line and the to greet and celebrate with their fellow runners and crews.
  4. All Emergency Evacuation costs for runners or crews will be borne by that person or their heirs. The event organizers are in no way liable or responsible for emergency evacuation.
  1. Remember, at all times and in all situations, safety is the most important issue. This means safety for runners, crew, staff, and the general public.
  2. The roads are not closed for this event and are, in fact, quite busy with tourist and local traffic, especially along PCH (Highway 1).
  3. I.V.s (intravenous fluids) are not permitted during the event. If a runner receives an I.V. during the event, for any reason, then that runner is disqualified and must withdraw from the event and the event course.
  4. Your crew is you, and you are your crew. Runners are responsible for both their own actions and their crew’s actions; crews are responsible for both their own actions and their runner’s actions.
  5. Always look and listen both ways before crossing streets. Remember that drivers will not expect to encounter a runner out on the course. Remember the event is held on public roads.
  6. Be smart about where you stop. Parking lots are everywhere. Use them. Runners should not cross over roads more than necessary; crew should cross the road carefully to bring assistance to their runner.
  7. Be able to hear the road! Runners and crew members may not wear any headset covering the ears, or any earplugs in both ears, unless it is a necessary prosthetic device that aids the hard of hearing. (One runner-recommended headphone system which would be allowed under the rules is this one.)


It's all you and your crew. This run is 100% crew-supported. There are no aid stations or drop bags, only a start line, time/bracelet stations, and a finish line. Each runner must be accompanied by a support crew comprised of no more than one four-wheeled motor vehicle and at least two crew members – two of whom are legally licensed to drive. Entrants may have no more than one support vehicle on the race course. You will be on small streets with VERY limited parking, making turns and U-turns to support your runner, so be very mindful of the size and practicality of your vehicle.

Don't space! Make sure you have a pace(r) at night! More on this shortly.

No. Only Time/Bracelet Stations along the way to keep you moving forward and capture your time.

It's just YOU...and your crew. (Saddle2Surf requires that every runner have a crew and pacers for this run. NO EXCEPTIONS)

Don't expect anything at the S2S Time Stations. Bring EVERYTHING your runner will need to finish this journey. You will never really be far from anything if you need to grab snacks, food, or fuel...7-11, gas stations, Circle K, Grocery stores, In-n-Out Burger! You get the idea.

  1. Each runner must be accompanied by a support crew comprised of no more than one four-wheeled motor vehicle and at least two crew members – at least two of whom are legally licensed to drive – at all times. Event entrants may have no more than one support vehicle.
  2. All Crew MUST sign and return the even waiver. 
  3. At least one (1) crew member must be present at the pre-race briefing.
  4. “Unofficial” or extra crew members and “family cheering squads,” may only be present at the start and at the finish line; they may not drive on/along the event course with the designated crew and/or runner.
  5. Each runner must have his or her own personal support crew and vehicle; crew and support vehicles may not be shared, except informally in the spirit of the event, i.e., crews may lend assistance to other runners or crews. (Exceptions may be made under some circumstances for married couples or others who have a history of racing together and would like to event this event with a shared crew. Please inquire.)
  6. Runners and Pacers may dress as they choose during daylight. At night, Runners and Pacers must wear 360 degree reflectivity (such as runner-type reflective vests by Nathan Sports) and front and rear blinky lights.
  7. Blinkys EVERYWHERE! In addition to the requisite reflective garments, all crew members, pacers, and runners must wear front and rear blinky lights whenever they are outside of a motor vehicle during nighttime hours.
  8. Line it up! Beginning immediately at the start line, runners must not run abreast with other runners or with pacers while on streets, except when passing a slower runner, which must be done quickly. All running must be single-file.
  9. Pacers may not run in front of runners at any time. (Pacers may run next to their Runner briefly, when handing off supplies or briefly assisting their Runner in some way.)
  10. Runners must progress under their own power without drafting, helping, pushing, supporting, or any other type of physical assistance.
  11. Any crew member running along with their runner is considered a pacer and must wear the pacer’s designated bib number (provided at Runner Check-In).
  12. Use common sense and don't run alone. It is highly highly HIGHLY recommended that ALL runners be accompanied by a pacer or moving crew member (bicycles are ok as long as you are following ALL laws) after mile 50 or when nighttime hours begin (nighttime hours, 6:15PM-7:00AM).
  13. Keep it CLEAN. Crew members may not use illegal drugs, stimulants, or dope, as well as alcohol of any kind, during the event or at any official event events or activities.


In addition to hosting a challenging and enjoyable event, this is why we are here. Our goal is to fundraise a minimum of $10,000 to help fund free 100 Mile Club programs and student sponsorships for the 2019-20 school year. The need is greater than ever, and we can't do it without you.

S2S100/50 Ultramarathon registration is a two-step process

  • (STEP 1) Register here on ULTRASIGNUP. Once your registration on Ultrasignup is complete, you will receive a link via email to Complete step 2, or simply click the Crowdrise link below and "JOIN THE TEAM".
  • (STEP 2) Set up your personal Saddle2Surf FundRACING Page at Crowdrise. ALL runners must commit to fundRacing a minimum of $100 for the 100 Mile Club® via our dedicated FundRACING page on Crowdrise.

Oh! ...and we have SUPER special awards and incentives for epic FundRacing efforts. Contact us for more info at [email protected]


The top FUNDracers will receive awards at different levels. The sky is the limit!

FUNDracing prizes:

Raise $150     Earn a Cowboy Hat and buff/hatband to kick off the run! You do NOT want to be without one on the START LINE!

Raise $500     Earn sweet pair of GOODR shades from our epic stash. You pick the pair you love...and they will carry you to the finish line in STYLE!

Raise $1000 or more     Earn a custom 100 Mile Club Saddle2Surf ULTRATeam Jacket. We will order these post-race to ensure accurate sizing and wording.

As always, the top FUNDracer will receive a quilt handmade by Dorothy Lubin. Other FUNDrace quilt winners include: Dan Benintendi, Tracy Thomas, Patrick Sweeney, Eric Ang, Brian Recore, Sally Lachman, Nathan Longcrier, & Yolanda Holder...


Anything that doesn't fit into the above categories will be here.

Yes! We will host at least one training run/section. Some may be "real time", others not (ex- Long Beach/Wilmington at night, etc.)

Other runners may create meetups to do the same, so join our group and page on Facebook to stay up to date.

Training Run/Course Preview Schedule

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